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"Swarm, Ethereum and Cash Transfer with Bitcoin"


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Swarm: The Rise of the Third Web

Viktor Trón ( is one of the core developers of Ethereum who has worked on all of its main components. He is also lead developer of the much-awaited Swarm, a solution designed to liberate the web from centralized authorities by making content delivery and storage immutable and resistant to take down.

Aron Fischer ( is a German mathematician who works for both Colony and Swarm. After receiving his PhD from the City University of New York in 2015, he moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of 2016. He will contribute explanations to the Swarm presentation.

The Blockchain's Effect on Consumers

Sander van Loosbroek ( is director of Distributed Ledger Technology at Cegeka where they have been experimenting with blockchain solutions for the public and private sector. Sander will demonstrate an Ethereum-based smart-contract app that his team has created in which the use of digital signatures gives consumers better sales agreements and benefits.

New Solutions for Blockchain Scalability and Performance

Bas Wisselink, board member of the NXT Foundation will talk about one of the biggest challenges faced by all decentralized blockchains after sustained use.He will explain NXT's latest proposal to bundle and prune data in order to make the network more efficient and scalable ( it grows.

P2P Global Money Transfer with the Blockchain

Kumar Gaurav ( is CEO of the Cashaa P2P marketplace for cash transfer which has exchanged $1 million in its first 3 months of beta testing. Kumar will talk about how his solution matches local cryptocurrency traders with consumers who want to make international money transfers.

Private Arithmetic

Henk Schepers ( of Philips Security Technologies will explain how data can be protected not only when it is in transit or when it is stored, but also while it is actually being used. With the Blockchain this issue is critical in order to prevent sensitive data (i.e. a user's private key) from being compromised.

Session Chairs

The sessions of this edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be chaired by:

Krijn Soeteman (, a science and tech journalist who writes for and

Dr. Roberto Valenti (, CTO and co-founder of Sightcorp and the PROFΞTH project, an Ethereum-based platform built for a global fair-trade digital economy.

What Do We Want?

To determine the goals and activities of Bitcoin Wednesday, The Blockchain Education Network and The Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, there will also be a brief open discussion followed by a public poll. All are welcome to participate.

This part of the evening will be limited to 15 minutes so that we can focus on the presentations and networking. The previous poll results are here (


Check here ( for the complete lineup as soon as it is available.



Walk in from 17:00 on, including drinks and networking. Cash bar, Bitcoin accepted!

Pre-conference reception from 17:00 - 19:00.

The conference itself kicks off at 19:00.



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* The Colony presentation has been postponed for medical reasons. We plan to reschedule for a future date.