Bitcoin Wednesday 4-Year Anniversary Edition

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Bitcoin Wednesday celebrates its 4-year anniversary ( with a conference on 5 July 2017.


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Henri Pihkala ( is the CEO of Streamr a decentralized infrastructure for real-time data that is integrated with Ethereum. He is planning a token generation event for Q3 2017.

Dr. Peter Rizun (, a leading figure in the block size debate that currently engulfs Bitcoin. Peter is Chief Scientist for Bitcoin Unlimited, the organization that aims to solve the block size controversy by giving miners the ability to signal their support for a larger block size, an approach that has been rejected by Bitcoin Core.

Jean-Philippe (J.P.) Vergne ( is Associate Professor of Strategy at Ivey Business School at Western University in Canada. He is also Co-Director of Scotiabank's Digital Banking Lab. He has conducted research that models supply of and demand for cryptocurrencies in order to estimate how their prices will move in the future.

Matej Michalko ( is CEO of the Blockchain-based content distribution platform known as DECENT which raised more than $4.2 million during its crowd sale at the end of 2016. He is a blockchain pioneer who founded one of the sector's first Bitcoin marketing agencies as well as one of its earliest cryptocurrency e-gaming consultancies.

Jameson Lopp ( leads a software engineering team at BitGo, an enterprise digital asset security service based in Palo Alto. In his spare time he educates the public about what makes Bitcoin and the blockchain hard to understand.

Valerian Bennett ( is CEO of Popchest, a platform that presents video with no ads and integrates Rootstock smart contracts with its own POP tokens. He is a veteran television producer and editor and documentary filmmaker who released Bitcoin: Buenos Aires in 2014.

Ken Shishido ( is an early stage investor in cryptocurrency-related projects and an organizer of the Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup Group, one of the world's oldest. He will give a brief overview of the experiences of the Blockchain sector in a country where Bitcoin was recently officially recognized as a currency.

Frans Kempen ( will be the evening's Session Chair. Frans has been with IBM for more than a decade, and currently leads IBM’s Blockchain Practice for the Banking and Insurance industry in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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Bitcoin Wednesday

One of the best and longest-running regular Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences in the Netherlands.

Always held on the first Wednesday of every month.

An open and informal program for anyone interested in digital currency and the blockchain.

For Bitcoin novices and experts alike. Beginners, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, miners, traders, legal professionals -- all find value in this event.

Brings together a diverse group of people from all levels and backgrounds without any barriers in order to give this important new technology a prominent role in Dutch society.

One of the goals of Bitcoin Wednesday is to promote the industry, to spread the word about Bitcoin (and related technology) in the Netherlands by raising the overall level of awareness and knowledge.