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Welcome to BizConClub (https://www.bizconclub.com/).

Our goals are:

1. Connecting you with the largest and most popular networking events in Westchester County.

2. To show people the proper and more effective way to network.

3. To help anyone who is looking to connect and grow - whether it be professional or personal.

4. To provide some education, some networking, a lot of connecting, AND fun.

5. Focused on matching you with the best networking group - whether it be a peer-to-peer, mentor-ship group, a women empowerment group, or a referral base networking group, we have you covered.


At BizConClub we’re redefining the networking experience. Networking shouldn’t be about sales or only involve business professionals.

Our networking club builds connections with like-minded people. Job, no job, career, no career, new and experienced or just curious?! … we don’t just help you connect the dots, we help you play the game!

Join us at our next event and be part of something great.

Your Friends,

Business Connection Club


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Most Talked-About Networking Event in Westchester | White Plains | Free

Tired of the same old cliché? Join us for the ultimate and most powerful Networking Event in Westchester County "SELF-EMPOWERMENT NIGHT" BizConClub hosts events that gives you a voice, an evening of empowerment, mentor-ship, and FUN! Come experience the difference. Business Connection Club believes networking shouldn't only be focused on sales or long speeches. Our events are designed to bring together Westchester County's most influential professionals, and people of all walks of life, including: Aspiring entrepreneurs Business professionals Executives Business owners First time networkers Accredited investors Lenders Startups Potential clients Investors Mentors Artists Legal or medical professionals Fashion Real estate Entertainment industry Single parents Anyone trying to meet new and liked minded people Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza is a casual chain serving charred-crust pies, wings, subs & Italian plates in a modern setting. Our hosts believe that you have to give in order to get, which is why they organize this monthly event to support their local business community. At The Self-Empowerment Night, we will connect you with a wide network of people that will contribute to your success. Bring lots of business cards and don't miss this opportunity to promote both yourself and your Business, or simply mingle among the best of Westchester County. Your friends and colleagues are also invited! (THIS IS A MULTI GROUP EVENT. THE RSVP LIST ON THIS PAGE IS ONLY A PORTION OF THOSE ACTUALLY ATTENDING.) What to Expect: No Cover Charge! No Entrance fee! No Table Fee! (Purchase of 1 Drink Minimum per person recommended) Feel free to come early for dinner. Please bring a great attitude and an open mind... leave the baggage at the door and come join us for some adult beverages, a different type of conversation and the BizConClub ultimate networking experience! Frequent Asked Questions: 1. Do I have to bring a guest? The answer is no. If you want to bring a guest, great! 2. What is the age range? There is no age range. More than likely, people of a drinking age will attend. But, we accept all comers. 3. What is the dress code? There is no dress code. However, we'd suggest business casual or whatever you wear to work. 4. Who will be attending this event? Most likely business professionals, but we want people from all walks of life to attend. 5. How many people will be there? Based off similar events we expect between 80 to 100 attendees. 6. Is there parking? Yes, there is street parking and a parking lot around the corner. 7. Can I arrive late? We would prefer you to show up on time, but if you are working late and won't get there til much later, we totally understand. Future event info: BizconClub.com

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