RTN Business Training, Andrei Mincov: WHEN, WHY & HOW to protect your brand?

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WHEN, WHY and HOW should YOU protect your brand?

You came up with a clever name, a memorable logo and a remarkable tagline for your business.

How will it feel when you can proudly tell the world that you really own your brand?

How would you feel if you lost it all to a competitor?

Your brand is a valuable asset that you should protect. Or maybe it isn't.

Are you intimidated by mysterious laws and unapproachable lawyers?

Andrei Mincov, the author of #1 Amazon bestselling book, The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Intellectual Property, and an intellectual property lawyer with almost 20 years of experience will share his knowledge and strategies around trademarking your brand.

Andrei's 3 promises:
- You are not going to spend an hour of your life listening to a sales pitch;
- You are not going to spend an hour of your life listening to incomprehensible legal mumbo-jumbo;
- You are going to walk away with an actionable tool to decide for yourself if your brand is worth trademarking.

About Andrei:

Andrei Mincov is a Vancouver intellectual property lawyer with almost 20 years of Canadian and international experience and the author of #1 Amazon bestselling book, The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Intellectual Property.

Andrei became a copyright lawyer almost 20 years ago when his father, a famous Russian composer, heard his music on the radio advertising an event by Samsung – without his permission.

Andrei has since helped hundreds of creators and businesses. He’s done work for many composers; designers; book writers, including J.K. Rowling; film directors; singers; artists; individual software developers; movie producers; film companies ranging from small ones to Dreamworks; software companies from one-man startups to Apple, Microsoft and Sun; recording companies; electronics manufacturers, including Sony and Motorola; car companies, including Porsche and Ford; apparel companies, including Columbia Sportswear; perfumery and skincare companies, including Amway, L'Oreal and Mary Kay; and a countless number of other clients, big and small.

In 2007, Andrei moved to Canada and after 3 more years of law school and receiving his Canadian license to practice law and becoming a registered trademark agent, Andrei founded Mincov Law Corporation, a business law firm with a focus on intellectual property.

In 2013, Andrei came up with an idea of the Trademark Factory®, a service that allows him help businesses register their trademarks at a single comprehensive flat rate with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Register here (http://bit.ly/XDlEKi) for this webinar.