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Please note: In order to be considered to join Black Bay Street meetups, you must have on your profile your first and last name and at least one clear profile picture of yourself. Additional factors may be used to determine approval.




Black Bay Street meetups by Black Bay Street www.blackbaystreet1.ca, which was inspired by Black Wall street, is an opportunity for melaninated people from African ancestry backgrounds to meet in the general Toronto area (G.T.A.) to discuss strategies and implement the strategies in order to improve our quality of lifestyles. Black Bay Street meetups welcomes melaninated Africans who are victims of discrimination, systematic racism and are prepared to counteract these wrongs by unifying, get educated from the experienced and using proven collective economic principles to build a progressive Black economic community. The founder also founded another initiative over nine years ago to counteract poverty where it has recently become the number organization, by far, for the overall work that the organization does. In 2018, the rich, the powerful and the famous started endorsing the founder's initiative, and in August 2019, over 1,000 permanent, full time and well paying jobs were created to give at-risk youth and the communities they live in one of a few guaranteed ways to close the wealth gap whereby they will learn, and hopefully master, the art of business, economics and finance. Under the founder's leadership, a progressive Black economic community will be rebuilt using proven guiding principles. Black Bay Street meetups' goal is to create a progressive Black economic community, just like all other races and religions that has done so for many years in North America and beyond. Black Bay Street is our "community family". Let our community family become yours.

It must be said that Black Bay Street meetups does not cater to people who are in the need of therapy for trauma, who are not prudent with time management, who constantly complains with no intentions or the ability to take collective action, does not respect other Blacks and/or leadership by Blacks and does not understand the value of community engagement and group economics. If you can not meet or exceed the level of community loyalty that other races and religions demonstrates, then this community isn't for you. If we identify these sorts of people, they will be asked to leave the community family.

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