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I am learning a new Machete short sword fighting system called Gatka
We will be going over some introductory machete and short sword concepts including basic Four box movement theory, strong side attacking, beginning flow drills, and "blocking with a wall of steel" concept. Anyone interested in basic weapons theory or looking to develop some skills with an extremely versatile tool that has seen live action in Military operations the world over, remote villages, and Collapsed societies this is for you. Or if you just want to prepare for the Zombie apocalypse :p When would everyone be available to come out?

MacFarlane Park

1700 N MacDill Ave · Tampa, FL


What we're about

I am looking for other martial artists and enthusiasts of all disciplines and skill levels to come together and share ideas and experience. Activities will include: Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced lessons and techniques. My martial arts experience includes, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Gracie JiuJitsu, SAMBO, Folkstyle Wrestling, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Shaolin Stance and Iron Lohan, and CQC and Weapons. Form/Kata application, 2 person sets, Push hands, Chi Sao, Drilling , Sparring, For combat sports

Striking: Padwork, Mits, Footwork, Combination and positional exercises. Grappling : Drilling, Situational wrestling, Lockflows, Live wresting, Rolling Gi and No Gi. I'm open to doing foam and simulated weapons such as rubber knife and airsoft training as well. Who should check this 0ut?

You, seriously if you're reading this go ahead and sign up. If you've been thinking about doing something the best time to start is right now. Any one curious about or interested in MMA and learning self defense. Any martial artists looking for some extra curricular training.

Any wrestlers looking for some extra practice

BJJ students looking for some extra mat time, drilling reps, or help with their grappling. I am a 4 stripe purple Belt in GJJ. Other Traditional Martial Art stylists looking to test their skill or compare approaches with other forms. Anyone interested in learning or sharing their knowledge and bettering themselves.

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