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during 2012 can we invite speakers to come and hold a seminar on

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different aspects of running a business ie: marketing, advertising, copyright and IP, financing etc. Also as a group maybe we would like to have specialist people attend and give a talk on Personal money matters. How does one differentiate between Personal and Business money awareness? Do we have guidelines in place to ensure that we reach our potential in terms of personal branding and business marketing before we reach retirement age, or are we just working and hoping, especially those of us who envision a life back home, we will achieve this? What measures have we, as individuals or a business entity put in place to reach our goals? Do we know/value the importance of personal branding as well as business branding? What, if any, are we doing as an economic group to reach out to the wider diaspora and retain their customer value? Is this actually of importance to us as a business entity, or because of bad experiences in the past, we are now not bothered? If you feel interest is out there and needs to be brought forward maybe we could look at holding a meetup once a month on a different topic, and invite any one of the businesses listed on Black Economics who may have the specific area needs to attend. Cost to members and payment to presenter I dont know, that is your area.....