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This group has been created for black entrepreneurs who are considering starting a business, black entrepreneurs that already have a business but would like to scale it online, and those that are interested in supporting black-owned business ventures.

Our aim is to "Spread The Spirit of Entrepreneurship" by providing online workshops that inspire, support, educate, and motivate you by sharing valuable knowledge on a wealth of business-related topics.

Our goal is to provide knowledge so that you are equipped to become financially independent, and as a united force increase the strength of our black currency.

We also plan on organising outings and social events where we can all meet and network amongst like-minded people.

"To Achieve Success, Surround Yourself With Success"

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Learn How To Start Up a Successful Online Business & eCommerce Store

Join me for this insightful 90 minute online workshop on how to create a sustainable online business.

The Internet has become the no.1 source for clients of businesses, and this has become even more apparent during the recent covid19 outbreak.

It has now become essential for any business owner to understand how to leverage the power of online customers from around the world.

During this webinar, I will explain how I sent up two Online Businesses using strategies that I learned from the successful digital entrepreneur Simon Coulson. Owner & Founder of The Internet Business School.

I will be discussing:

- Traffic/Social Media
- How to find a product/service to sell
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Market Research
- What are the essential steps you need to take in order to get started?
- Student Testimonials
- How to diversify your existing business, products, or service online
- The key steps to generating leads online
- How to recognise trending markets
- How to stay ahead of your competition

This webinar is for:
- Anyone wanting to learn more about how to create a great online business
- Anyone who has tried money-making courses in the past but are still yet to generate results
- Existing business owners wanting to learn how to create a greater online presence and make more money in your business
- Start-ups entrepreneurs
- Anyone wanting to understand more about how to create success

This is a great opportunity to learn strategies and the mindset that successful digital entrepreneurs have, as well as learning how to get started in an online business.

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