What we're about

Our Vision:

We are a space for those in the communities of “Color” who are minoratized in our society and who identify as Humanists, Agnostics and Atheists.

Our Mission:

We aspire to support, challenge and inspire our members of Color who are Humanists, Agnostics, Atheists and Non-Believers to build a community and a forum for a wide range of ideas and issues of concern. We are actively involved in open discussions of implementing freethought solutions and a commitment to promote secular awareness initiatives while always focused on community needs.

What we embrace:

Black Freethinkers is a space to come together to discover and express what matters to us mostly, with a focus on community, ethics and free thought, not religion.

Most of us can reason out right and wrong from the consequences of our actions, especially if we have sufficient information: we don't need god(s) to tell us how to lead good lives.

We advocate for humanism, a community made of Humanistic values that amplify diverse and nontheistic thought. We encourage all members to be engaged, through their deeds and generosity in issues of local, national and global concern and to develop action plans in areas of particular interest to them.

We should recognize that each society has evolved its own code of morality and laws, and that in most societies these will change as circumstances and the social dynamics change. In the U.S. we have a legislative and judiciary organ to ensure laws are set to guide society.

We should try to live by the values of compassion, fairness and respect that have developed because human societies and groups cannot flourish without them.

Our individual and social actions and laws should aim to promote well-being, equality and happiness, and to prevent, avoid or decrease discrimination, suffering and misery.

We will provide a forum for a wide range of ideas on issues of concern. We ask members and friends to actively participate in these programs of important social issues.

We will work with religious or non-religious, congregations, civic, labor and social service organizations and all groups that are seeking to build a more peaceful, just and caring society.

We will disseminate diversity and inclusiveness in promoting social justice principles and policies that will foster a diverse and multicultural community.

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