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We are Black Girls United!

Are you missing the special bond between African American women?

Are you looking for like minded women to enjoy life with?

Are you ready to mingle & experience NYC?

Are you ready to give back to your community?

The purpose of this group is to get together Fierce women for networking and friendships. Our goal is to create empowerment & lasting friendships for all members while having fun.

This is a group where black women support one another and get together to experience our culture, indulge in other cultures, experience new things both in and out of NYC. We value open minds, respectful interaction but most of all - POSITIVE ENERGY. Cheers to you joining our social family!

ps - scroll down for the rules to join the group.

~ Sas


#1 To Join Us: We need you to have a CURRENT HEADSHOT, aka SELFIE/FACE VISIBLE profile picture of YOURSELF. Submissions with no pictures, pictures of an animal, an object, background scenery, darkened sunglasses, obscuring snapchat filters, or photo where your face isn't completely visible will not be approved.

#2 No Show Policy: If you RSVPd YES to an event, please honor that YES by actually showing up. If you are unable to make it to a scheduled event, thus keeping you from joining us, please be considerate to your event host and fellow members by updating your rsvp at least 1 day before the event is scheduled to start.

#3 DISCLAIMERS - ZERO TOLERANCE - BGU is 100% committed to harmonious Sisterhood Experiences based on Universal Principles while gathered. The organizer has ZERO tolerance for Negative Attitudes, Profanity, Drunkenness, Drama, Gossipers, Cattiness, Disruptors, Smoking and Rudeness to anyone. This group is NOT for divisive women, petty women, women who can't adhere to simple ground rules on respect, women who have a problem being on time, women who are "wrong and strong", women who don't know how to check their diva attitudes at the door. In essence, if you are short-tempered, sharp tongued, impatient, mean, disrespectful, this IS NOT the group for you. Anyone who exhibits these qualities will be removed from the group, without hesitation.

When we get together, we do so to network, to laugh, to unwind, to build, uplift and set a foundation for new friendships. If this sounds like your kind of party, we look forward to having you in our BGU family.

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Hong Kong / Singapore / Bali - May 2019

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Go Africa Harlem Street Festival 2019

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2nd Annual BGU Wine County Day Trip

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