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(Hello Beautiful People! If you're not a member yet, you can scroll to the bottom of all this info to see upcoming events and dates. Joining is easy and free).

*** Black In OC - for now, we use MeetUp as our event calendar. We are the social arm of the nonprofit BNOC, where voluteers can just have fun and meet each other. For full disclosure, please see the website for more information at ** **

We are a networking organization focusing on all things of interest to African Americans in the "Greater" Orange County and surrounding cities from LA to the IE. BNOC, through its sister groups are the hub of AA activities in Southern California. If you're not AA it can still be of interest to you. Everyone is welcome. BNOC is for the Married, Single and Families.

One requirement is to have a real FACE PHOTO, there are many reasons why, if you are not willing to have a photo, we hope you change your mind. You are guaranteed to meet new high quality people at our BNOC get-togethers, just try to come to the important events too, not just the "fun" things. If you have a heart for Volunteering, Mentoring, Relationships, Financial Education, Health awareness etc, please contact us and find out how you can participate.

Below are a list of membership benefits.


Please click the <> and read because by attending any event, you and any guest are agreeing to this (even though you didn't sign it...).

Monthly Donation... (

There are no required monthly donations. Costs are absorbed by leadership BUT ANY donations are tax deductible so please chip in a few dollars. For 2018 we will use a point system visible on your profile page. Points are awarded for attendance and donations of varying values and could be subtracted for no-shows. For those who donate, it's tax deductible and You will be rewarded and remembered.


We are revamping the business listing. On the site under "more" you can add your business. There is no charge for the listing except a nominal admin fee.

There are three parts to BNOC (pronounced B-knock).

The first is strictly social. Doing fun, and maybe a little corny, things like Bowling, Comedy, Salsa, Skating, Movies etc as a group for Married, Single and Dating folks.

The second is for business, professional's, employers, consumers and everyone else to meet for "active networking" in a fun get-to-know-each other environment which can include games and other things where everyone will meet and get to know everyone else.

The third and main purpose is community, health & social improvement type stuff.... Please volunteer to assist, it will change someone's life (maybe your own).

Men, Women, those outside of Orange County, and all Cultures are welcome to participate. Participation is the key word.

Also, Like us on Facebook:


Please note that this is your Community, Business & Culturally focused, group not a Many members are not single, please do not assume anything and email someone in a "personal" fashion that you have never met in person; after that good luck, I hope you (and I) find "the one."

Please patronize the sponsors & businesses and our Retail Store. You should stop by at least once a month and visit and buy something. We are You. Be an active participant and make us better than ever. Remember, the community service opportunities are valuable and should not be missed.

There is no reason for you to be boring in Orange County.

Thank you and we'll see you soon!

****************************************** Extra Stuff below *******************************************

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are change, we are power...We are Black in OC!

Black in Orange County (BNOC) is THE on-line and off-line portal for African American interests in the greater Orange County Area...

BNOC is a organization promoting mostly African American & "Minority" activities, communication, networking, cohesiveness & business promotion in the "Greater" Orange County and surrounding cities.

Along with providing free networking opportunities and an active and informative website a main focus is providing college scholarships for high school students with at least a 2.50 GPA. There are no special income qualifications; they just need good grades, a desire to do something special in their personal lives and understand that they can affect the future of our community, our state and our nation and beyond.

Inclusive and not exclusive, Black in O.C. (BNOC, pronounce b-knock) extends its reach to anyone that would like to better themselves, their business and their community.

Black in OC averages over 500 hits per day and has a list of over 4,000 registered users in the construct.

People of any background are invited to take advantage of our online presence, but for "us" in particular, this site represents an opportunity to come together and utilize the economic power that we possess.

The dynamics of our community, range of income and intense spirit can allow us to play on a highly competitive field, if we come together and create building blocks within the community.

The general member ages range from 25-65 with the main group age of 35-50; all are welcome. Members are of all races so don't get caught up or discurraged by the descriptive name if you would like to join.

Dissolving the ‘crabs in the barrel mentality will enable us to further our economic and political power for generations to come. (Why are crabs in a barrel?) Get connected and nourish the relationships that are awaiting at BNOC.

We are Orange County

the best Schools;
the best Jobs;
the best Beaches;
the best Homes;
the best Businesses;
the best Location;
the best Weather;
the best Community in the whole U.S.A.

We, are Black in Orange County "Living Large Behind the Orange Curtain"
(Come play with us)

If you have suggestions, please email If you have any ideas or want to participate as a group organizer, let us know.

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