What we're about

Can black women and men as partners in the broadest sense get interested in care for each other’s soul, mind and heart as a community again? This group is about a revolutionary Black love 🖤.

When love is a verb, it isn’t a feeling (cf. Esther Perel). It’s a practice of freedom and accountability in friendship, partnership and marriage.

Intimacy requires risk. When risk is fun, play arises through connection. In adult play, we will develop our erotic intelligence.

Love is not unconditional in an age of #MeToo, where women are bitches and men are dogs. Intimacy demands getting past the violence we enact on our own sense of belonging to black community. We will learn to practice reattachment, listening and deep talk in a simple and fun way.

We meet once a month. Conversations will be designed so we encounter intimacy with at least three other people of the “opposite“ sex. This is not a pick up event but a practice in intimacy.

There are two parts to the salon.

Part 1: the encounters — a simple exercise on a chosen topic like flirtation or sensuality based on research and observation.

Part 2: a conversation — share what you noticed from the encounters. No coaching. Just facilitated exchange.

Four Gs expected:
No generalizations
No giving advice
No getting numbers
No gossip — respect confidentiality

If successful, we need a donation of $5 to cover the monthly $15 meetup fee and to provide snacks for events. Or we can go potluck.

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