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Why “Black Married Socialites of Collin County”?

Black- because there is something special about being amongst a group of women that look like you and can relate to the everyday life of being a black woman in America. This is not group that discount women of other ethnic groups. If you are not label as Black or African American but appreciate our culture and want to a part, please feel free to join.

Married- because we are looking for a group of women that has a certain level maturity and responsibility. Most married women (or women in a relationship) enjoy events and outings differently due to the family that is at home depending on them. This group is not to bash single women.

Socialites- because we are looking for women who like to mingle with a certain class of people or organizations dressed fashionable. Age group preferable between 30’s and 40’s.

Collin County- because we are wanting to eventually create a close knit community of BMS’s. Most outings will be in this area and a trip home will not be too far away.

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