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Looking for a “real” date in ATL? Trying to find a Man of Color who wants to be in a relationship? Want to find a good man and still, you end up with something much different? Black Men who DATE Men of Color Meetup is the group who will redefine the dating scene in Atlanta. It is an opportunity to discuss, debate and come up with solutions to improve the dating climate for Men of Color.

In starting out, together we will design guidelines for us to have an intelligent conversation around dating and relationships. Once we have establish ourselves as like-minded individuals, we will move to create a problem statement: A problem statement is basically a charge illustrating a clear vision and goal. It will be the framework used to begin dissecting the dating scene in Atlanta for the Men of Color within the LGBT community.

So, who should join, Black men and Men of Color, “Brown people” who want to work on finding solutions to the dating scene within the Black/Men of Color community.

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Til We Meet Again

1175 Peachtree St NE

So, here’s where we are, our 2nd meeting will be in Midtown again, Colony Square (located between 14th & 15th Peachtree) Street. There is parking in the neighbor behind Colony Square coming off Peachtree turning on 15th street. It has 2hour free parking between the hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm. However, on SUNDAY, on-street meter parking is free for any numbers of hours. I suggest you go there and not have to be a concern if you might go over the 2hour free parking on the streets behind Colony Square. Colony Square address is 1175 Peachtree Street NE. It has two office buildings on its property, building, 100 and building 400 (which is closest to 15th street). There’s a multi-color sign on the patio spelling out the word “MIDTOWN”. The 400 building is under construction and there are signs beneath the enclosed Starbucks Coffee shop directing you to building 400 entrance. When you get to the end of the signs wall, take a left. You will go down a few steps to the left side of the building. Go through the double doors, walk straight ahead and then veer off to the right where you see a lounge area. I will be there to let you up to the 3rd floor where my office is located Our meeting starts at 2:30pm. There’s street parking all up and down Peachtree and along the neighboring streets. Please leave your location early enough to have time to travel, park, and walk to the building. Please be patient as we wait for possible late arrivals, hopefully, there will be few or none. I ask that you come with an open mind, a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, and full participation of the process! Thanks, Cleon, Group Facilitator

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