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Pregnancy Yoga & Dinner
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Have you been feeling a little stiff during pregnancy?.......I know I have Do you need to loosen those joints and relax?.....I know I do Well I have decided to schedule a Pregnancy Yoga and Dinner meet up for us M2B, this meet up is for pregnant mums who are 14 weeks and over. The yoga class will help to: *Improve Sleep *Reduce Backache *Improve Circulation *Promote a healthy birth *Keep you fit *Strengthen birthing muscles *Quicken Postpartum Recovery After yoga, we will grab a bite to eat, this way you will be able to speak to other expecting mums, share experiences so far and find out who's going to pop the same time as you. Look forward to seeing all the bump and bumpettes. LOOL.

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Calling all African Caribbean Mums and mums to be! This group was started to create real and long lasting relationships among black sisters and our babies.

This group is for women who want to have genuine friends they can talk to, laugh with, cook with, have girlie nights in with all while enjoying your pregnancy or motherhood.

So if you are a Mother or Mum to be who still wants to go to the cinema, go out for dinner and enjoy a good old natter about how awful our sprogs are or pregnancy is........lool, take summer walks and picnics with our children or even just to chill in each others homes watching a movie and drinking a good old MOCKTAIL, I would love for you to join.

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• If you RSVP but do not attend or respond to any messages sent (up to 3 times) you will be deleted from the group.

T• If you are do not attend any events for up to 6 months from joining you will be deleted from the group.

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• Anyone promoting, advertising or selling a multi-level marketing or network marketing company such as business that recruits distributors, consultants for selling products or services.

• Anyone whose sole aim is to recruit customers for their business.

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