What we're about

Hi and welcome to Black Sheep Collective of OC!

This group is dedicated to the quirky truther weirdos out there interested in all things conspiracy, woo woo, alternative, those that have taken or are curious about the “red pill” and now find themselves on a lonely road having to deal with being ridiculed and bullied for being a free thinker and willing to dive deep into the rabbit hole.

**What's the purpose of this group?**

My intention for this meetup is to create an understanding space where we can meet our soul tribe of like minded beings. Amidst the current chaos that’s happening on a global scale, I think it can be restorative knowing there are others in the same boat that will understand and not judge you for your clearly seeing through the matrix. Being awake can get a little lonely. Knowing the dark truth can get a bit depressing. This group will hold an encouraging atmosphere, offering support and a listening ear no matter how wild or crazy you think you sound.

**Why start this group?**

Recent experiences in various forms inspired me to create this group as a way to hang out with and have a positive outlet with other unique souls. Observing the microcosm between the two factions my current neighborhood is battling caused me to seek out others who might be tired of deception, trying to spread the truth, then getting shut down and labeled a “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist”. It’s a good thing listening to other points of view, but when your facts are not being considered due to not fitting the established narrative, having a supportive community really helps.

**What will we do?**

Planned events include truther discussions, study groups/learning/sharing sources, activism. Mental health is so important, especially at this time, so fun breaks will also include indoor/outdoor activities such as chilling at various coffee shops, going on nature walks, the movies, attending art galleries/museums, concerts, road trips, sound baths, special indie related outings, good eats/drinks, beachy stuff, retreats, basically whatever you would like to have the opportunity to encounter with your fellow truthers is game for this group.

**Who should join?**

If you resonate with any of these: Truther, Conspiracy Theorist, Gnostic, Starseed, Patriot, Spiritual Warrior, Anon, Light Worker, Empath, Outcast, Rebel Rouser, Sovereign Being

There’s going to be a mix of all of the above. I’m borrowing this statement from the LA based Crazy World Events—Finding the Truth meetup: This Meetup group is against communism. If you are one, this meetup group isn’t for you.

I myself am a neophyte and am excited to learn new things and discover new places with you all!

“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.” ~Unknown


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