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Black Wolf Vikings are a group that studies the skills of the Viking age, both fighting and crafting, to make us better people today. We are part of the Army of Jomsborg, and international family with 1000+ members around the world and several groups in the United States. We train to fight with the most common weapons of the Viking Age; sword, spear, and axe. We seek to keep our combat as realistic as possible, emphasizing skill first and foremost. We learn to perform the crafts of the Viking age, including tablet weaving, bead making, wood work and others.

We are NOT a religious group. We welcome everyone regardless of Sex, Race or Religion, or lack thereof. We are not a LARP group. We learn the skills, the history, and demonstrate them for the public, but our primary focus is on the learning together, and in doing so building our brotherhood together.

We do not charge a training or membership fee.

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