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Please tell me I’m not the only one!

It’s said that black people don’t love wine, they love rum; but I love wine, no apologies! Don’t get me wrong, I like rum, especially really, really old rum, but I’m totally fascinated by the amazing variety of notes and aromas that wine has to offer. After learning about wine at the WSET School London and garnering an Advanced accreditation, I’m still amazed that a humble grape can elicit scents and flavours of mocha, smoke, leather, diesel etc., etc., etc. And even more thrilled that choosing the right wine will elevate the palate when paired with what I’m eating (yep, I’m a foodie too). There really is a wine for every food, thank goodness!

Black people and wine is a BIG thing in the US; there’s even a body called the Association of African American Vintners along with a whole host of other organisations dedicated to black people involved in the wine industry. Sadly, after much research, I realise that there are no such counterparts over here in the UK. So, sisters, I’m reaching out to see who else loves wine…and I mean LOVES wine? Who’s interested in being able to pair the right wine with your meal? If you love wine and food (kinda goes together – don’t really want to get drunk on an empty tummy) as much as I do, join me in journeying through the world of wine. Let’s go for some tastings and come away better equipped to heighten our dining experiences, impress our loved ones with great pairings at home and honestly, just have a good time with new friends.

Meetups will be held all over London, mostly at independent wine shops (gotta support local, growing businesses), wine bars and cafés. I will try to procure the best deals possible so that we get the most bang for our buck, i.e. quid. Maybe we can even plan winery and vineyard visits to check out the latest in English wine production. Who knows, maybe together we can even create our own movement in the wine industry here…fingers crossed! So, if these adventures appeal to you, I look forward to meeting you and tasting some good, make that great, wines together!

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