What we're about

This group was formed to conceptualize stories, write scripts, cast and produce different forms of content. With the goal of being promoted and distributed. All members understand the objective is to collaborate. The group members will perform all the tasks required in the process of creating content. Understand the power of combined resources is a must. Film making is expensive, The equipment the actors, Locations, postproduction, marketing and distribution. Many have attempted to make films and failed. This group is about success! So we ask that these rules be followed.

(1) The space that we use for meetings cost money if you are not going to attend please do not RSVP.

(3) If you do RSVP please be on time and try not to disrupt the collaborative process with your personal stories

(2) If you do not understand what it means to collaborate and combine resources do not RSVP.

(3) If you Join We Make Black Films you are doing so understanding the goal is to make films. You agree to contribute and be patient during the process.

I have seen several Meetups with similar focus and they’ve all gone silent it’s not going to be easy but, I believe it’s worth doing.

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Writing technique workshop

Smoke Barbeque Pit

Building the foundation “Who’s ready to make a film?”
Silent extras welcome

Smoke Barbeque Pit

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