Lunch at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

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Price: £6.50
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London's first cat cafe has now opened - and it's a good job I got this booking the first day bookings went open because apparently it's booked solid for a good couple of months now!

It's a bit of an odd sort of event but I'm curious to try it out despite not being the fondest of cats - essentially, it is a cafe where cats wander around and you can play with them in between your pastries and whatever else you choose to buy!

There is a £5 admission fee to enter the cafe, which is what I'm going to charge. Past that you're responsible for paying for whatever you want to eat and drink and we'll split the fees between us - at this point there's no menu viewable as it's not open to regular people yet, but I think it's supposed to be pretty reasonable for cafe food.

We have a two hour booking so come along and play with some cats whilst eating some cupcakes for your perfect slightly unusual Sunday afternoon! Please note that at the moment there is a lot of interest in this cafe so they're being pretty strict on the outside - therefore please sign up only if you can be there a bit early as we'll need to group up to get in. Looking forward to seeing you there!


The fee required upfront for this meetup is £6.50 per person. £5 of this will cover your admission to the cafe, £1 is admin fees due to the cost of running this group, and the remaining money is paypal fees that we have no choice about.

On the day there will most likely be a service charge added to our bill by the restaurant. This will be divided equally among everyone and shouldn't be high at all for this event.

If you are a full member, you will receive the £1 charge back either at the event or by paypal on the evening of the event. Not a full member but would like to be? Please read this page:

If you cancel within 72 hours of this event taking place, you will not receive any fee back. If you cancel within 72 hours - 1 week of this event taking place, you will receive £3 back. If you cancel within 14 days of this event starting, you will receive £4.50 back. If you cancel any time before that, you will receive £5.50 back. If you would like a refund, please email Nicola directly (even if she is not the event organiser) rather than comment here.