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As Black Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business Visionaries, we must be unapologetic about the cultural distinction that we represent.

This community-focused network was created and is devoted exclusively to the development and success of today's black entrepreneur and business visionaries. Members will have access to the best and brightest industry experts and focused training in areas such as:

: Real Estate Investing
: Business Building
: Business Capital/Financing
: Balancing Business, Family Life and Personal Sanity

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"Isn't It Time You Started 'Wheeling and Dealing' Like a Real Empire Builder!"

Join Us THIS Tuesday night for our Weekly "Deal Maker's Workshop!"
Learn the insider's secrets to deal-making in the Greater D.C. Region (DMV) from some of the most experienced (active) Deal Maker's in the area.

Building on our philosophy of "Earning While You're Learning" as the single best way to learn the real estate business, come and watch as
newbie investors bring present their opportunities to more experienced real estate investors for their chance to get paid!

We start promptly at 7:00 PM (SO PLEASE DON'T BE LATE IN LOGGING IN!) and every week a deal gets made. Unless of course, we have a special guest like:

* Private Lenders who are actively looking to fund deals during our special "Meet the Private Investor" nights;

* New Hard Money Lenders (HML) who are eager to work with newbie investors and provide BOTH rehab money as well as Proof of Funds (POF) letters to help you get more deals!;

* Experienced DMV Investors who are looking for Bird Dogs and Wholesalers who are interested in learning the INSIDER's GAME OF "REVERSE WHOLESALING" for 'Quick Cash Profits!"

...and much, much more!

But don't just take our word for it. Sign up now and put it on your calendar, then join us THIS TUESDAY for the NUMBER ONE REAL ESTATE INVESTOR TRAINING SESSION IN THE DMV - The Greater Washington D.C. Real Estate Mastermind Deal Makers Workshop, Sponsored by the Realinvestors®️ Academy of Greater Washington, D.C.

"You Got Serious Questions - YOU Deserve Serious Answers!" Ask a Realinvestor®️

You can join us every Wednesday LIVE at 5:00!

Here's your chance to have your MOST PRESSING Real Estate Investing question answered by the man Inc. Magazine called "America's Real Estate Mentor" and Think Realty Magazine calls "The Wealth Creator!"

Sherman Ragland, The Realinvestor®️ and Dean of the Realinvestors®️ Academy is a 40 year veteran of the real estate industry. He learned the real estate business while still in high school watching his mom, one of the first successful real estate agents to join the Creig Northrop Team.

He earned his real estate license in Maryland while still a student at Towson University and then earned an MBA in real estate finance from the prestigious Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania, and then a Masters Degree in Urban Planning From The School of Architecture of the University of Virginia. He also holds the coveted CCIM designation from the CCIM Institute.

After graduating from Wharton, Ragland served as the CFO of Lansdowne in Northern Virginia and then as Associate Development Director for the Oliver T. Carr Co., where he was a part of the team responsible for the development of Carlyle near the King Street METRO. After leaving the Carr Co, Ragland formed his own investment banking concern, which successfully assisted the Federal Government in the disposition of over $5.0 billion in assets, including land, office buildings and sub-performing (non-performing) real estate loans.

Ragland served as Vice-Chair of the City of Alexandra (VA) Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals; Chairman of the Prince George's County (MD) Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the City of Bowie (MD) Economic Development Committee and Chairman of the Bowie (MD) Business Innovation Center (Bowie BIC).

He is a member of the faculty of the Bowie State University College of Business and a member of the Board of Visitors of Towson University.

Ragland has been directly involved in the development, marketing sales, and management of over 5,000 acres of land, 10 million square feet of office and commercial space, and 10,000 apartment/cond units.

His favorite passion is teaching his kids how to make serious money fixing, flipping, and owning single-family houses.

"How We Made $110,000 On Our Very First D.C. Real Estate Deal!"

Online event

There's a Reason Why We Tell People That They Are "Just 21-Days Away From Their Very First Deal!"

In this session, Marsha McPhee of Baltimore and Robert Eugene Young of Washington, D.C. Share Insider's Secrets On How They Were Able To Find a Deal In Just Two Weeks That Resulted in Them Getting $110,000 On Their Very First Real Estate Deal.


Online event

About The Training...

What do YOU have in common with Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezons? We're all given 24 hours in a day. Your ability to create wealth, have freedom, live the life of your dreams comes down to one simple thing. "How well do you manage your affairs in the 24 hours a day you've been given?"

Most people have a difficult time "FINDING TIME" to do the things they really want, simply because they never mastered the key concepts of "Time Management". Starting with the fact that there is no such thing as "Time Management". You do not manage time, you manage what YOU DO with the time you are given each day.

In this training, you will learn 7-Simple frameworks for GETTING THINGS DONE! In short, you will learn the insiders (Billionaire Hacks) for Getting More Done in The Next 12 Months Than You've Achieved in the Last 12 Years!

Specifically, you will learn the following:

Time-Proven Daily Planning Tool That Works! Forget everything you thought you knew about daily planners. Most are way too complicated. All this nonsense about "Cut here, paste there, put this in that hole..." When things are complicated they don't get implemented. This simply one-page (non-digital) daily planning tool is so simple and effective, you'll be saying, "Why Didn't Someone Give Me This year Ago!!?"

Start With The End In Mind, Then Use This To FOCUS! The reason most people do not like where they are is that they have no plan for where they are going. They are like a ship in the ocean with no crew, no captain, and no rudder. This is no way to live life! Use this simple Framework to define where you ultimately want to go, then work backward to having an actionable step-by-step blueprint to get there!

5-Year, 3-Year, 1-Year, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily FRAMEWORKS.! together we'll go through the process for defining where you want to go, how to get there, and then map out a step-by-step blueprint for building your 6-figure, then 7-figure real estate empire one property at a time, over a pre-determined path, with stepping stones that make sense for you and your family!

[NOTE: A comprehensive set of tools will be emailed to you immediately upon registration for this event. Please bring these tools with you to the training!]

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