What we're about

If you are a busy, overwhelmed and overworked lady, attempting to do life alone then you need to join us! I've been there, trying to balance everything and pleasing everyone all while falling apart at the same time. I was looking for an answer that seemed to be hiding under a rock in the depths of the ocean. Until I decided that I wanted no more of that kind of living but I wanted to live a Blessed and Balanced life! instead. And so, here we are...after embarking on a wellness and self-discovery journey, I found the need of community, support, and other women to bounce ideas and struggles with. I came up with a method, The Engage Method, and its proven to be a success in my life. I've shared it with others and they want in too. I started this meetup for you, for that busy overworked woman who needs more of the raw, rooted way of life. Join us, I'm so excited to meet and inspire more women to live the life they so desire and dream about! (this is not a business/ financial/ get rich and buy more things kind of group, its the quit the opposite- its about simplifying and modifying)

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