What we're about

Do you have pets that you adore?

Do you have a deep love for all animals?

Do you want to be able to do something to help animals in distress in shelters and in the wild?

Do you desire to:

• help lessen and stop the pain and suffering of animals caused by humans?

• help heal and strengthen the human animal relationship for greater understanding of each other for the betterment of our planet?

• do something right here and now that can make a big shift to deepen our collective compassion and empathy to help animals, humans and Mother Earth?

If you said yes and feel the deep healing vibe in your heart, then join us in honoring all life!

We will be hosting a Sacred Ceremony for all animals, one time a month, for one hour, in person in Orange County, CA and live stream, so you can participate from where ever you are in the world!

(Please check the Meetup schedule for event dates.)

My vision of this group is to hold healing scared space to nurture love and respect for all animals, humans and Mother Earth, so we may progress toward a more supportive and knowledgeable future that honors all life.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and hosting this sacred mission of love!

Yours in love and beauty,

Allana Seely Foster

Lover of all things wild!

Past events (3)

Easter at dog beach

Needs a location

Christmas Eve Whole Family Worship YES! bring your Dog(s)

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

Join me in celebrating our four legged family

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

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