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Welcome to a Window of opportunity!
I am Lori Kathrine, my spirit name is Golden Feather and I am an Intuitive Arts Guide and facilitator.
I am here to hold a space where we discover wonderful things about ourselves and help answer questions about why we are here, and how we can serve while having joy while doing it.
I have a small classroom where I hold many different Workshops from DIY Essential Oils, Canvas n Lights, Reiki Share,
Body Decoding, Family Lineage Transmutation, Watercolor Adventures, Angelic Scents Affirmations Oracle Readings,
Manifest your Man, Book clubs n more.

I also have a Energy room, where I have a BEMER, a Harp named Sarah, a Tibetan Bowl, a ceremonial Native American Drum for clearing negative energy from your energy field (Aura) .

All the things that are offered there have been personally experienced by me. These things helped me become a more aware and connected individual to Spirit. I Drove 3,500 miles to reset my life and now it is time to share my experience, strength and hope.

There is a Facebook Group you may look into for past workshops and events we had had or I have held at Bliss Becomes You too if interested.

May you be receptive, open and courageous in your journey as I have been in mine.
Many Blessings to you and yours-
Lori K Wilcox, my spirit name is Golden Feather ✨🕊😊
I am not a Doctor, nor am I qualified to treat or diagnose.
I am merely a facilitator of love and light, my intention is to give guidance to anyone who asks but am not responsible for the results.

We all have freedom to think how we want, I believe in the power of prayer for I have lived it, I am a living miracle and blessings fall before me every day.

I want nothing but the best for you, if you are suffering or in pain,
Please by all means, go see a professional-
All my love-

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