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Hello Blockchain & Crypto Enthus,

We started our journey of Blockchain world before few years and right now we are helping many companies to get on to this wagon. Currently, we are reshaping the major industries in India & Dubai by working with government and private companies.

All of you must have heard about... Bitcoin...Bitcoin...Bitcoin... just like local vendor screams Alooooo le lo & kanda le lo (Potatoes&onions) but only a few know about the disruptive technology behind it!

The purpose of this group is to spread knowledge about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc and mining. The scope of blockchain, developing a private blockchain and the future impact that it can have on various sectors including agriculture, supply chain, healthcare to many more things!

In the spirit of exploring blockchain and crypto, we have even started a blog dedicated to it. Check it out here: http://www.cryptochainsphere.com/ . It has all the basic guides, interesting infographics and more!

Anyone from beginners, to avid learners, developers, and experts can join us for brainstorming over cryptos & blockchain. We are working with different professionals from this field engaged in blockchain developers to crypto mining expert, crypto fund managers to cryptocurrencies expert.

For this particular meetup, we will be covering the evolution of bitcoin, its core protocol, working mechanism and understanding of blockchain technology.

Don't miss this opportunity and let's spread the knowledge. We promise you your time investment will be worth it!

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