Blockchain Application in Advertising by Varanida and Product Record by Arianee

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Blockchain Association of Hong Kong is delighted to bring two startups Varanida and Arianee from France

Varanida is a blockchain infrastructure that is solving most of the major issues in the advertising and content industry: transparency, fraud, and data ownership.
Currently, the online advertising market is broken:
* Users Are Overwhelmed By Bad Ads
* Ad Block Usage Is On The Rise
* Two Players Dominate The Market

Varanida is a digital ecosystem that is being designed to benefit all three stakeholders in the advertising marketplace. 1. Advertisers: Companies who want to promote their products and services in a more engaging way, while respecting users’ privacy and experience, and avoiding fraud. Also companies who want their advertising budgets to go further by removing intermediaries.
2. Publishers: Content providers and media sites of any format who want to monetise their content without hurting their audience. Also publishers who want to earn more money from the ads they show by removing intermediaries.
3. Users: Anyone consuming content on the Internet, especially those looking to control what advertising they are exposed to, and how their data is used.

Speaker: Anji Ismail
CEO and Founder

Talk 2: Blockchain Application in Product Record by Arianee

To preserve our most treasured items, we need safe ways to prove authenticity, origin, and ownership. Yet, today’s solutions are flawed. Certificates can be forged. RFIDs and holograms can’t eliminate theft and counterfeiting. Online product registries expose personal data to hacks. The result: trillions of dollars in value are lost annually to fraud, counterfeiting and theft.

Arianee aspires to become the world’s leading universal protocol for the creation and transfer of digital certificates of ownership and authenticity for objects. All subsequent-generation owners will manage the journey of their valuable assets through time while maintaining contact with their creators: the Smart-Link.

The smart link is a new comunication channel that follows the owner generation after generation. This next generation CRM enables brands to reinitiate a conversation with previously unreachable customers who bought the product at a multi-brand store, received it as a gift or purchased on the second hand market.

Speaker: Luc Jodet
Business Architecture and Founder

7:00 - 8:00 Talk
8:00 - 8:30 Networking

Language: English

Refreshment and drinks will be provided

This is a free event.