• Projects in Blockchain: Careers & Opportunities [Expert Panel] - July 7th

    RSVP >>> https://blockchainfuture.com/project-managment <<< Speaking of our panelists, we are happy to announce that Samana Naqvi (American Express) and Danny Zuckerman (3Box) will be featured on our July 7 panel. Samana Naqvi - Project Manager at American Express Samana Naqvi will be joining us at Project Management in Blockchain [Careers and Opportunities] to discuss her life as a Project Manager at American Express, one of the largest financial services companies in the world and also one of the most active in blockchain. What skills make someone a good Project Manager? How does one go about getting a position like Samana’s ? Project management is great space and how it relates to blockchain is fascinating, and we’re very excited to pick Samana’s brain. Danny Zuckerman - Founder of 3Box 3Box is a perfect example of a company that is making blockchain adoption a reality. It allows users to store data securely. Danny will give us insights on blockchain projects, hiring people for blockchain positions, and what he sees as the future of stagnant industries. 3Box is one of the most exciting, successful blockchain companies in existence, and we can’t wait to hear firsthand what made it so successful. Prior to 3box, Danny was lead strategist at Consensys on Uport, the biggest identity project to date on blockchain. In addition to this session: with you membership you will get access to blockchain guides, already recorded blockchain carer educational sessions from BlockDriven Academy, community and much more. On July 7, BlockDriven Academy will host a live session discussing the role of Project Management in blockchain, how to shift your career towards blockchain project management, and the skills and knowledge you need to make the next step in your career. Project Management in Blockchain [Careers and Opportunities] Live Stream will take place on July 7, 2020. “Blockchain already is an integral and vital tool upon which – and with which – new, cutting-edge solutions are being created, and we are confident that blockchain solutions will gain ever greater traction within the global business community over the next 12 to 24 months.” - Deloitte, 2020 Global Blockchain Survey A report by Allied Marketing Research predicts that blockchain usage in supply chain management will grow 10,000% by 2025. Commercial enterprises are adopting blockchain technology at an exponential rate across a myriad of industry sectors. With this “boom” expected to occur in the next five years, project managers in blockchain is poised to become crucial positions to lead these companies in their operations objective. In this Live Stream, you will learn: Project management skill application in blockchain Blockchain trends in project management How to get a project management blockchain job What careers feed well into blockchain project management What companies are hiring blockchain project managers And much more This event is only available for BlockDriven Academy members. 1 Month membership is $19.95. To RSVP (you get 1 month membership with your RSVP). >>> https://blockchainfuture.com/project-managment <<< Here is a sneak preview of our BlockDriven Academy career guide that discusses blockchain project management. This guide and many more are all available for BlockDriven Academy members. Some of the top companies that have implemented blockchain into their supply chain management include LG, Target, Volkswagen, Pfizer, Walmart, UPS, and FedEx. “For the first time, the number of jobs per million exceeded the number of searches per million. There also does appear to be a skills shortage as enterprise projects have matured over the past three years.” Tal Vinnik, Content Strategist , Indeed