Business and Enterprise Blockchain Innovation Session [For Companies]

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Every week on Thursday until January 29, 2020

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BlockchainDriven is blockchain specialist dev and consulting company with HQ in NYC. It has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies.
About this Event.

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Various industries are being shaped as we speak by blockchain technology and as cryptocurrency news moves to the back, blockchain news that actually change business, comes to the front. Blockchain adoption will continue to accelerate in 2020.

BlockchainDriven is a leader in blockchain consulting on the east coast. Being an agnostic blockchain platform, it brings the best solutions to your company. Be that on Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger, EOS, Waves or another platform. BlockchainDriven will help you understand how you can utilize blockchain in your company, create MVP or proof of concepts, and most of all understand blockchain technology and how it relates to your company.

What companies is this innovation session for?

Any future facing company that is looking to explore new technology

Companies looking to explore new directions

Departments within companies that want to get a real sense of what blockchain is and how it can be applied

High tech start ups that are looking to integrate blockchain into their stack

Large companies that are looking to leverage blockchain within its structure

Who is leading this Blockchain Innovation Session? The workshop will be lead by Peter Borovykh, who is a Senior Blockchain Solution Architect at BlockchainDriven. He is also one of the top experts in the Blockchain field. He has appeared in Forbes, Business Insider, Fortune, Yahoo Finance and many more publications. He has spoken at conferences across the world. Most importantly, he has helped develop blockchain projects that are currently revolutionizing a range of industries.

This is an introductory blockchain innovation workshop that will allow your team get a fuller understanding of what blockchain is and how it can help your company innovate:

Where? The workshops can be in your office or in the BlockchainDriven office (33 west 19th street). Please select preferred version at the checkout.

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For how many people? It is designed for a small audience (up to 10 people) to be in a personalized, hands-on format.

When it is taking place? Select a Thursday that works best for your team or contact us directly for another date/time.

How long is it? It is 2.5 hours. Allowing for in-depth look but without being overwhelmed by details.

What can you expect? Latest updates and overview on the blockchain field in your industry. Depth of knowledge and immersion for your team. A better understanding of how blockchain can play a role for you company in the future.

Please note that this is a first come, first serve availability. Once you book a date, we will reach out to you to finalize details and logistics.

RSVP, see the available dates and learn more here >>>