How to earn rewards with blockchain

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Mining or trading are not the only ways to earn rewards in the blockchain economy. Want a safe way to earn rewards on your token purchase? - Consider staking.

Buying tokens to sell them for a profit isn’t the only way to make money in crypto space. In fact, many people are now HODL-ing their tokens because of the volatile and fluctuating market.

The other option to make some cash was to become and Proof of Work miner, but the power consumption and hardware requirements are making it more and more challenging to make profit, so many miners are now shutting down their rigs.

Is there a better way?

Staking is becoming the popular way to earn a passive income because it takes very little effort to set up. At this meetup Ruitao Su, CTO of Centrality, will explain why businesses are switching to Proof of Stake. He will showcase how Centrality has implemented PoS for the upcoming CENNZnet launch and demonstrate how to rUN your own node and stake tokens to earn rewards.