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Blockchain Academy / Class 2 January 2019 Calling Top-Tier CTOs & Senior Devs
Blockchain Israel is delighted to announce the launch of the second class of its free, personalised, curated, and expert-driven 3-month program Blockchain education program, the Blockchain Israel Academy. The academy is inviting top-tier CTOs and senior developers to master the tools to help their projects succeed. The Blockchain Israel Academy program will feature intensive courses and be guided by industry leaders and global blockchain technology experts through 12 intensive weeks of 8 modules over a 3-month program. You'll have the opportunity to engage directly with coders, programmers, and developers using blockchain technology and learn how your industry is adapting, innovating, and growing. You'll be invited to join our developer community program and given access to our partners on the ground, with additional support for startup ecosystems. If you are interested, please fill the following form. Note that this course is for CTOs, senior level developers. We are setting up workshops and labs for different profiles.

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    From banking systems to trading services and P2P networks, we are seeing a marked paradigm shift as innovative solutions such as distributed ledgers and decentralized protocols, accelerate our cognitive processes and human interactions at the speed of light.

    The Startup Nation is pioneering this space by embracing blockchain solutions and crypto technologies, as US and European startups are increasingly restricted by heavy regional regulations.

    We are creating a brand new and innovative type of event for the Israeli startup community, offering a new platform to share knowledge, to ask for help,and to support one other through goodwill and ‘good karma’.

    Blockchain Israel, founded by startup thought leader Yael Rozencwajg, is the largest community in Israel dedicated to Blockchain Solutions and Crypto Technologies. The organization aims to make blockchain solutions fully accessible to companies and startups by providing a range of award-winning products and by opening new channels to connect people even more.

    Key reasons to attend our exclusive events:
    - hear what's next from the leading figures in blockchain innovation;
    - discover in-depth understanding of the drivers and challenges of implementation;
    - step up to cross-sectors and networking opportunities;
    - engage and interact on how impactful different regulations could be;
    - learn from innovative case studies on personal identities protection, tech evolutions and discoveries and blockchain adoption.

    Our featured topics: Blockchain · Bitcoin · Cryptocurrency · Smart Contracts · Digital Currency · Virtual Currency · Decentralization · Cryptography · Decentralized Systems · Smart Property

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