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Crypto for Sustainability

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Crypto for Sustainability

Two local startups that are using blockchain and cryptocurrency to promote ecological conservation, sustainable development, and local community development.


Cacao Coin
by Veysel Cetiner, Founder.

In 2018 Veysel packed up and hit the road in search of a more sustainable and connected life. While volunteering at an eco-startup in Talamanca, Costa Rica, he saw the need for a platform that incentivizes and equips people to start their own self-sustaining eco-projects and communities. Thus was born CacaoCoin, a community based on the principles of sustainable development and ecological conservation. The mission of CacaoCoin is to create a blueprint for a sustainable community and a decentralized marketplace for the trade of ultra high quality, ethically sourced goods.

About the Speaker:

Veysel is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of IT consulting experience in the DC metro area for government, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Most recently Veysel was an advisor and blockchain developer for universal wallet startup Ethos; founder of the blockchain consulting company TimeChain LLC; CTO of Nature Economy & Conservation; and an official member of the Forbes Technology Council.



Nature Economy & Conservation
by Mauricio Trejos, Head of Strategy.

Nature Economy & Conservation was born in 2017 with the decisive purpose of giving humanity a new economic equation, in which human beings, prosperity and the nature of the planet are predominant.

NE&C is focused at first on the conservation of primary forests in areas of the world where they can certifiably pay more in terms of oxygen, water, biodiversity and projection to nearby populations.

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About the Speaker:

Mauricio joined NE&C in 2017 following a career in Project Strategy, where he lead a rapid growth and transformation in businesses from different sectors of a diverse range, starting from an Economic concept where the Conservation of Nature is the most important factor. He specializes in Telecommunications Administration from the University of Monterrey, and has experience in different Stock Exchanges, Teletransmission Projects, Tourism Companies and Sustainable Services.


Costa Rica’s Crypto Cantina, is a recurring after office happy hour event happening every Thursday starting at the Central Pub in Paseo Colón, starting on September 27th, 2018.

It aims to bring together the people excited about blockchain, cryptography and cryptocurrency in Costa Rica, connecting people of all backgrounds and foster a forward-thinking community around blockchain and distributed consensus technologies.

About EOS Costa Rica

EOS Blockchain is aiming to become a decentralized operating system which can support large-scale decentralized applications.

EOS Costa Rica supports the global and local open source efforts and development communities by maintaining and contribute to open source initiatives, meetups and workshops.

We challenge ourselves to provide the EOS platform with a strong geographical and political diversity by running the most robust EOS Block Producer possible from Costa Rica; We pledge to leverage our talent, experience, and sustainable internet resources to meet such an important challenge.