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If you are interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the underlying technologies that enable then this is the meetup you want to be part of. We will be offering courses with deep analysis of these technologies and allowing individuals to ramp up if you're new.

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Yield Farming 101

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Learn the basics and advanced techniques of yield farming and fatten your bag. This session will be taught by Nathan Windsor.

Nathan has spent the last five years running his bespoke blockchain consultancy, Macroscape. He is lead business developer at Blockwatch Data, a leading blockchain analytics provider delivering actionable insights, CEO of Volta Market, a crypto/traditional “edge fund", and cofounder of the Midnight Forest, a holistic creative agency. For many years, Nathan worked as a music therapist and artist in NYC. Nathan holds a B.S. from Cornell University.

Learn Python by Learning Blockchain

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Learn both Python and blockchain concepts in one shot. In this course, you'll learn Python and apply it in useful blockchain use cases. For example, we'll use object-oriented programming to build a blockchain and Python data science tools to study DeFi protocols and blockchain data.

The course will run 10 course weeks (weeks skipping holiday week of Thanksgiving and Christmas), meeting each Wednesday at 6PM EST for instruction and homework, with checkpoints on our Slack

Course: How to raise $5M for a DeFi Startup

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This is a 3 hour course on how to raise capital for a DeFi project via crowdsourcing the capital, a method that potentially avoids giving up equity and dealing with VCs. There will be 3 speakers presenting one after the other. Names and bios coming shortly.

In partnership with the CFPA, Crowdfunding Professional Association

The Solana Bootcamp

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Supported by: http://blockchain101.com

Learn to build dapps on the Solana blockchain. This course will provide developers an hands in-depth introduction to coding and deploying an automated market maker on the Solana blockchain.

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NFT 101

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