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is an interdisciplinary information hub and think tank. Our aim is to spread the idea of decentralised technologies like blockchain in a "human readable" way to people outside tech and empower a breeding ground for a more efficient & transparent p2p-economy and p2p-society. Ideal for makers, doers and thinkers who would like to use technology to empower society.

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BlockchainHub Graz - Meetup #29 - Honey Badger Consensus & Minerva Burner Wallet

This time we will have two presentations. First, the most likely interesting consensus algorithm for blockchain systems and second, the most likely simplest way to transfer blockchain assets. David Forstenlechner has started the implementation of the Honey Badger Consensus Protocol into the Ethereum Parity client and he will give an introductionary talk about Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus protocols and what makes Honey Badger so outstanding. Thomas Zeinzinger will present Minerva Burner Wallet (https://minerva.cash) a simple to use web wallet and he will offer every participant some ATS on the ARTIS Sigma1 mainnet (https://artis.eco) to take part in a small lottary game. Agenda: 18:30 Get-Together 19:00 Getting Started 19:15 The Honey Badger of BFT Protocols - An Introduction - David Forstenlechner 20:00 Minerva Burner Wallet - Crypto Made Simple - Thomas Zeinzinger Afterwards discussion followed by cosy networking with drinks :) Join us for a lively discussion of this very hot topic and nice chats afterwards. See you there!

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