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Heard of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is built on Blockchain technology.

It's debatable whether we'll all buy overpriced coffees with our cryptocurrency in the near future but what's undeniable is that Blockchain and associated technologies are disrupting traditional centralised IT on many fronts.

Is it the next big thing or the emperor's new clothes? Possibly a bit of both.

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Meetup 9: Facebook coin aka Libra: A Brave New World?

MSP Tech Incubator

Hello, I hope you are all having a lovely summer so far and that you are ready for another action packed Blockchain Manchester meetup. This time around we will be focusing on the new kid on the block: Libra or better known as Facebook Coin or ZukerBucks for short! Libra represents a new, exciting and potentially terrifying application of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Will Libra compete or compliment the decentralised forms of cryptocurrency we have all come to love and follow today? We plan to explore Libra and to get a grip on what this means for us all. This meetup is kindly sponsored by Bermans (www.bermans.co.uk) ------------------------------------------------------------ Our meetup will cover what Libra means for the blockchain and cryptocurrency space as well as the wider implications and potential impact on the existing financial system. We will explore how Libra will affect the ethical, social, socioeconomic, financial, privacy status quo. Currently we have three talks covering various aspects of Libra: Thanks to those of have agreed to speak, details below: Gavin Brown ============ Senior Lecturer in Financial Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University https://www.linkedin.com/in/gavin-brown-6167145/ Sara Simeone ============== International Blockchain Marketing Strategist - Digital Oracles & CV Labs https://www.digitaloracles.com/ https://cvvc.com BlockRocket ============ James Morgan & Andy Gray will be giving a technical deep-dive covering how Libra works and what makes it tick internally https://www.blockrocket.tech ****************************************************************** The plan is as follows: * 6:30pm: Networking (with pizzas 🍕and drinks 🍻) * 7:00pm: Talks start * 8:30-45pm-ish Q&A session * 8:45pm - Hit the pub for networking and beers Feel free to reach out to us on telegram or slack if you have questions about the above, links below. See you all soon James https://www.blockrocket.tech ****************************************************************** Don't forget to join our slack or telegram channel to catch the latest news and discussions on all things blockchain and crypto. • Slack - https://bit.ly/2EssePZ • Telegram - https://t.me/blockchain_manc

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