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We focus on blockchain, artificial intelligence and data science. Our events are educational, selling is strictly disallowed.

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Healthcare Lecture Series: Impact of Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

A full day of educational lectures from industry luminaries on the impact of AI and blockchain in the healthcare space. Ample breaks for networking for those looking for deal making and opportunities. MC: Dimitrios Tsakos Opening Remarks: Jamiel Shiekh (9am-9:20am) History of AI & Healthcare: Vadim Shepel, Director, Strategy & Consulting, Hospital and Vaccine Business Units, Pfizer (9:20am-9:40am) Event Keynote: Michael Dershem, CEO of MAPay, LLC (9:40am - 10:30am) "Lecture 1: 10:30am - 11:15am Lauren Huber, Corporate Innovation, IBM Blockchain in Healthcare: Industry Trends & Perspectives" "Lecture 2: 11:15am-noon Michael Frank, Director, R&D Strategy & Consulting, Pfizer Getting to Proof of Innovation: AI Applications in Biopharma" Break "Panel: Why Healthcare Might The Next Biggest Blockchain Disruptor (1pm - 2pm) A discussion of why and how blockchain may disrupt healthcare, and how healthcare may disrupt blockchain. Peter Borovych, Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain Driven Dr. Lishan Aklog, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at PAVmed Inc., Medical Device Entrepreneur, Cardiac Surgeon Alex Cahana, Head of Healthcare and Blockchain Consulting at Genesis Block Moderated by Marcos Dinnerstein, Founding Editor: A Better Mousetrap Newsletter" "Lecture 3: 2pm-2:45pm Niteen Kumar, Enterprise Architect & Solution Architect, Amitech Solutions Hospital Readmissions: Prediction and Management of Patient Readmission Risk" Lecture 4: 2:45pm-3:30pm: Being confirmed Networking Break (3:30pm-4pm) "Lecture 5: 4pm-4:45pm Alex Cahana, Head of Healthcare and Blockchain Consulting at Genesis Block. Blockchain Expert UN/CEFACT, Economic Commission Europe PGOs, PBMs, payers and hospitals: Why nobody in Healthcare wants Blockchain" Closing Remarks: Dimitrios Tsakos

ARTificial intelligence

Rise New York

“If you hear somebody playing a piano, would you ever say is the piano the artist?” - Mario Klingemann - In October 2018 an AI artwork was sold at Christie’s for $432,500. When we think about art made by Artificial Intelligence, we imagine a bot thinking and creating art: that is not what is happening. Artists and creators have been pushing the limits experimenting with the use of machine learning. Is AI an emotional entity or data that is trained by human emotions? Is “Ai art” art? These topics will be discussed by some of the most cutting edge figures in the art world. MOCDA Museum of Digital Art http://www.mocda.org Dada http://dada.nyc/home David Young http://triplecode.com Helena Sarin http://www.neuralbricolage.com Travis LeRoy Southworth http://travisleroysouthworth.com Ben Snell http://bensnell.io Panel Moderator: Curator Eleonora Brizi

The Blockchain Masterclass @ NYC

MIT National

RSVP via EventBrite only :) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-blockchain-masterclass-certificate-nyc-tickets-81377386955 New topics added: Libra, stablecoins, STOs, skip lists and DEX architectures OVERVIEW Come and join us in the most popular blockchain masterclass in NYC - Understand blockchain from the inside out directly from practitioners with proven track records and deep real-world experience. Network with industry professionals in an engaging, stimulating and immersive full day masterclass taught by an NYU professor, blockchain architect and global speaker. Expect about 8 hours of instruction time that often goes past 5.30pm, heavy engagement, Q&A and student interaction. The learning will be intense, fun, current and engaging. Our course material is actively revised, no two classes are identical. Full Details: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-blockchain-masterclass-certificate-nyc-tickets-81377386955

Understanding Decentralized ID

IBM Garage

Get an education on what DID is and what some of the use cases are. Speakers: Dan Gisolfi - CTO - IBM Decentralized Identity Dele Atanda - CEO/Founder metaMe Tomislav Markovski - CTO - Streetcred ID

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Digital Asset Valuation Masterclass

MIT National

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