Enterprise Blockchain for Business People Masterclass @ NYC


RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/understanding-corda-dlts-for-business-people-tickets-80612270471


This course is a deep exploration of the blockchain and DLT space as it relates to enterprise use cases. The curriculum is ideal for enterprise executives, decision makers and entrepreneurs looking to evaluate, understand, build integrate solutions using distributed ledger technology.


Distributed ledge technologies (DLTs) like Corda, Libra, Quorum and HyperLedger Fabric provide new revenue and cost reduction opportunities. This course provides a deep business and technical explanation on what these technologies, how they work and how they can be employed within the enterprise. We'll focus on some of the most relevant use cases disrupted by DLTs - Digital assets, supply chain, payments, trade finance, insurance and central banks.

You'll learn the following

The basics of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, what they are, how they work and who the key players are
How the major offerings like HyperLedger and Corda work and how Libra is expected to get into the mix
Strategies and approaches to assessing what uses cases within your business context and the type of skills and tools
The emerging world of native digital assets and the new decentralized finance market
Understand how transparency and traceability is done on ledger, what the pitfalls are and where the industry is headed
Understand how trade finance platforms like Marco Polo and Voltron facilitate faster trade closing and payments and how they operate
Understand how central banks are positioning to create digital currencies and integrate with RTGS and LVTS systems.

The Chainhaus Certificate of Completion will be issued to all participants who attend and complete the course. The certificate and proof of it will be stored on blockchain, i.e. your certificate of completion will be registered on the Bitcoin blockchain as proof of completion.


Every student will be provided with a printed and bound course book (approximately 100+ pages, 400 slides) and contact information for follow-up with the Professor for questions after the masterclass.