Blockemon #7 - Summertime Madness

Blockemon - Blockchain Belgrade
Blockemon - Blockchain Belgrade
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Kosovke devojke 10 · Belgrade

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Ulaz u mesto je iz Devojačkog parka, na stepenicama između Učiteljskog fakulteta i ETŠ "Nikola Tesla"

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It's time for a fresh start! After successful Blockemon conference and a whole lotta time between two events, we're changing our meetup location and spinning the cycle once again.

We're happy to announce three speakers; two blockchain professionals and one big extrovert enthusiast.

First stage call goes to Ivan Bjelajac, with "State of blockchain projects from a business point of view". Ivan is very passionate about developing products, people and processes. He thinks technology is the core of exponential growth of our society and wants to invest time in creating sustainable innovation and adaptable flat organization through decentralized decision making and constant growth. Blockchain is one of the next technology waves that can change how we use the Internet and Ivan sees the development of local communities a big part of global development.

Next up, we'll enjoy the talk of our well known Mališa Pušonja with "Three most dominant Blockchain based app architectures". If you somehow missed to get to know him, know that he loves naming things that no one has named. When you do that you get new patterns and a whole new world. This is especially true in the context of MVP and it’s building phase. MVP software design patterns are a product of this naming process, technical debt pattern also, or two of my favorites human-centric agile methodologyTM and Product-Abstractness Continuum Fit. He likes to mix & match this with various other concepts like sacrificial architecture, strangler pattern, Atwood's law, Dietlzer’s law and as output plan and execute the best MVP building phase

Mališa will elaborate three possible ways to solve this distribution of functionality/logic and implement majority of (decentralized) Blockchain apps:

● On-chain - This way everything, the data and logic, will be stored and done on, for example, Ethereum blockchain (the client side would be very “dumb”)
● Client King: Client as a connection between Blockchain and storage.
● Oracle system: Smart Contracts contact trusted parties (Oracles) for resources

Finally, we'll be addressed by Rene Gareev, a huge blockchain enthusiast with the topic "Searching Sanity - Crypto Edition". We just needed an enthusiast's point of view!

Half 90's kid, half millenial, Rene had been doing Online Marketing since 2012. Officially converted to crypto in 2017. New All Time Highs in Bitcoin! Billions of Dollars in ICOs! To the Moon! Lambos ordered! While Bitcoin shattered through the price of 5000 USD and ICOs collected 4x the amount of traditional VC money, everybody now wants to become part of the digital gold rush. Fresh crypto enthusiast Rene shares his perspective about the current crypto craze. And why the year 2018 can bring unforseen risks and dangers for the space.

See you soon at the heart of the city.