• Blockemon Novi Sad - Tendermint and Cosmos

    Startit Centar

    Fellow blockemons (or blockemen - however you self-identify ...),

    For the first time ever, our meetup will be held in a city other than Belgrade! Well, if we disregard guest appearances, ofc...

    We're taking over Serbia’s legendary IT metropolis, the one and only city of Novi Sad! As we were waiting for the upcoming Blockathon (a blockchain hackathon organized by GameCredits and Startit) we got an offer we couldn't turn down - a chance to hear the story of another aspiring blockchain business.

    We'll be addressed by Žarko Milošević, Research Scientist at Tendermint. If you haven't heard of them before, they're a company with two blockchain-based products: the eponymous Tendermint (https://tendermint.com/), a BFT consensus algorithm, and Cosmos Network (https://cosmos.network/), a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by Tendermint (neat intermingling of products, amirite?). These two products will be presented in two separate sessions at the meetup and, of course, we expect you guys to ask about, comment on, and discuss the topic during the meetup.

    Žarko shares our vision - to raise awareness of this beautiful technology of ours and bring it to the masses. This is probably, among other reasons, due to the fact that Žarko also teaches at Singidunum University in Belgrade.

    But wait! There's more! After we're done with the meetup, we’ll go straight to Silicon Drinkabout Novi Sad to hang out with some more blockchain enthusiasts. Follow them via this link (https://www.meetup.com/Silicon-Drinkabout-Novi-Sad/) to keep up to date with their event announcements.

  • Blockemon #9 - Blockchain is a personal thing

    startit Beograd


    Little did you know that today we have TWO announcements instead of one! Feel the wrath of this powerful blockchain community, MUAHAHAHA!

    Ok, now about that announcement ...

    This month at Startit Centar Belgrade, we bring you the story of an everyday guy who got an opportunity to take part in the crazy world of blockchain development.

    Let us introduce you to Uroš Radovanović (https://www.linkedin.com/in/uros-radovanovic-51647584/), Blockchain/Software Developer at GameCredits Inc, but also a sociologist, a junior in Greco-Roman wrestling, and a freestyle wrestling champion. About two years deep in the technology, his previous experience at Devana Labs, Malloc Corporation, Endava, and now GameCredits made him a highly sought-after expert in corporate software development, especially with anything related to blockchain.

    We all have the chance to get involved in blockchain, and what better way to illustrate the point then talking to someone who actually made a significant turn in their life to become a professional in this field?

    This group is full of memorable stories and fascinating personalities, so come on down on January 25 and join us for the latest awesome Blockemon meetup!

  • Blockemon #8 - Mining and beyond

    ICT Hub Playground

    ► Mining under the hood

    A blockchain [mining] introduction through Bitcoin example and explanation of mining process in more details using Python.

    ☞ Vuksan Simunović; Lead Backend Developer at GameCredits


    ► Establishing supply chain transparency via accountability

    Supply chain is often described as the next big use case for the blockchain. But scalability issues of the blockchain prevented any large-use case so far. OriginTrail is building the first purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain and is launching a token sale on January 15h. The token is used as the means of compensation between supply chain data producers and data consumers on one side and the node holders on the other. It provides the incentive to the nodes in the peer to peer network to perform the system functionalities. Maintaining and operating the p2p network takes resources: time, electricity, computing power, storage space and communication bandwidth. The token can incentivize nodes to do two groups of tasks: • Data processing - Supply chain consensus checks, data quality and replication checks • Storing, managing and delivering the data in graph form.
    OriginTrail’s pilot project with Chinese online store Yimishiji was awarded by Walmart’s Food Safety Collaboration Center and admitted to its Innovation Pipeline.

    ☞ Branimir Rakić; Branimir is the cofounder and CTO of OriginTrail. As an electrical engineer, he has been involved in telecommunication networks since 2011, and started implementing blockchain to OriginTrail’s use cases in 2016. Part-time lecturer at SAE Institute and electronic music aficionado.

  • Blockemon #7 - Summertime Madness

    ICT Hub Playground

    It's time for a fresh start! After successful Blockemon conference and a whole lotta time between two events, we're changing our meetup location and spinning the cycle once again.

    We're happy to announce three speakers; two blockchain professionals and one big extrovert enthusiast.

    First stage call goes to Ivan Bjelajac, with "State of blockchain projects from a business point of view". Ivan is very passionate about developing products, people and processes. He thinks technology is the core of exponential growth of our society and wants to invest time in creating sustainable innovation and adaptable flat organization through decentralized decision making and constant growth. Blockchain is one of the next technology waves that can change how we use the Internet and Ivan sees the development of local communities a big part of global development.

    Next up, we'll enjoy the talk of our well known Mališa Pušonja with "Three most dominant Blockchain based app architectures". If you somehow missed to get to know him, know that he loves naming things that no one has named. When you do that you get new patterns and a whole new world. This is especially true in the context of MVP and it’s building phase. MVP software design patterns are a product of this naming process, technical debt pattern also, or two of my favorites human-centric agile methodologyTM and Product-Abstractness Continuum Fit. He likes to mix & match this with various other concepts like sacrificial architecture, strangler pattern, Atwood's law, Dietlzer’s law and as output plan and execute the best MVP building phase

    Mališa will elaborate three possible ways to solve this distribution of functionality/logic and implement majority of (decentralized) Blockchain apps:

    ● On-chain - This way everything, the data and logic, will be stored and done on, for example, Ethereum blockchain (the client side would be very “dumb”)
    ● Client King: Client as a connection between Blockchain and storage.
    ● Oracle system: Smart Contracts contact trusted parties (Oracles) for resources

    Finally, we'll be addressed by Rene Gareev, a huge blockchain enthusiast with the topic "Searching Sanity - Crypto Edition". We just needed an enthusiast's point of view!

    Half 90's kid, half millenial, Rene had been doing Online Marketing since 2012. Officially converted to crypto in 2017. New All Time Highs in Bitcoin! Billions of Dollars in ICOs! To the Moon! Lambos ordered! While Bitcoin shattered through the price of 5000 USD and ICOs collected 4x the amount of traditional VC money, everybody now wants to become part of the digital gold rush. Fresh crypto enthusiast Rene shares his perspective about the current crypto craze. And why the year 2018 can bring unforseen risks and dangers for the space.

    See you soon at the heart of the city.

  • Blockchain Conference - Blockemon 17

    Dom omladine Beograda, Velika sala

    Get on board for Blockemon17, the biggest blockchain conference in the Balkans – on Saturday 26 August 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia.

    At Blockemon17 you’ll hear from some of the sharpest minds in the world of blockchain. We have 7 keynote speakers representing some of the leading global tech companies: Microsoft (Ethereum), Waves, BraveNewCoin, GameCredits, Lykke and Papyrus.

    It is mandatory to RSVP.

    Speaker list:

    • Konstantin Goldstein, technology evangelist @ Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com), Technology expert: Business coach and consultant with 15 years of experience in IT industry of Israel, the USA and Europe. He was developing and promoting products that are used by the companies from the Fortune 500 list. In the last two years, he represents Russian division of Microsoft, with a specialization in examination and expansion of business developing cloud-based solutions. Konstantin Goldstein is an author of a program on the technological acceleration of startups and developers (ISV). He is engaged in the development of distributed ledger ecosystem in Russia under Microsoft Blockchain as a Service project.

    • Sasha Ivanov, founder & CEO @ Waves Platform (https://wavesplatform.com/): A physicist by education, Sasha Ivanov has been involved in Internet payment systems software development and neural network prediction software for financial markets.
    After the emergence of blockchain technology, he launched the first instant cryptocurrency exchange coinomat.com, the first FIAT blockchain token coinoUSD, and the first tradable cryptocurrency index coinoindex.com

    • Yiannis Menelaou, ICO Manager @ Lykke (https://www.lykke.com/): Yiannis is an investment and digital finance expert with a vision to make financial markets fully transparent and fair. He has deep experience in investment analysis, portfolio management and crypto-economics. Yiannis’ expertise also includes Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Compliance and Securities Laws. He is a member of several investment committees within the organisations he serves such as compliance, risk management and oversight. Yiannis is currently the regional director (General Manager) of Lykke Europe (Cyprus). He also holds the position of the Chief ICO Manager for the Initial Coin Offerings taking place on Lykke Exchange. In addition, Yiannis is an Adjunct Lecturer at the MSc in Digital Currency of the University of Nicosia, the top degree for crypto-economics. Part of his teaching includes topics from the Financial Markets, Alternative Investments, International Currencies, Global Exchanges and Fintech. He also serves other investment and non-investment firms as a member of the Board of Directors. Yiannis is a Mathematician and holder of the MSc in Financial Mathematics from Leeds Business School – member of the Russell Group – and accredited by Yale University (US). He is a certified investments’ expert by several markets’ authorities and professional bodies.

    • Fran Stajnar, Co-Founder and CEO @ Brave New Coin (https://BraveNewCoin.com) - Co-Founder & Chairman of http://dasset.co.nz/ New Zealand newest Bitcoin and digital asset exchange Co-Founder and & director of http://blockchainlabs.nz/. After a decade of working with vendors like IDG, Vodafone & FairFax in roles ranging from Business Development to Product Management and Project Management, Fran did a Masters in entrepreneurship and set up several businesses. After discovering Bitcoin in 2010, he realised it's a technology that would change the world and set up bravenewcoin.com (BNC).

    • Sergey Sholom, PhD, CEO @ GameCredits - After receiving a PhD in mathematical modeling Sergey founded Datcroft Games Ltd. in 2004. Over the last 13 years, Datcroft has developed multiple worldwide popular games with registered users exceeding 13 million gamers.

    • Alex Migitko, COO @ GameCredits - 11 years of IT industry experience in multiple areas, including
    – Complex payment-related solutions
    – Online games
    – Blockchain development
    – Business operations & business development
    – Cooperation with industry and universities

    Sponsor list:

    • GameCredits (https://gamecredits.com/)

    • Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com)

    • Dogma Brewery (http://dogmabrewery.com/)

    See more at the website (http://conf.blockemon.org/2017/).

  • Blockemon #6 - Blockchains & Decentrilzed Storage

    Devana Labs

    The talk will be about cooperative machines distributed all over the world can together create the world’s largest cloud storage network – underpinned by a blockchain. On this talk I will talk about blockchains, my experiences, why I think peer-to-peer storage is a big thing and I will present Minebox – the world’s NAS (network attached storage) device that has a built-in blockchain.

    Speaker: Vlado Petrushev CEO/COO of minebox.io (https://minebox.io/)

    Vlado started his career programming spreadsheets at IBM, soon after got a lead tech support role on a VoIP project within IBM and parallely worked on a hardware asset management on IBM’s data centers in Frankfurt. Beside involvement in corporate world, Vlado is an early Bitcoin adopter, was part of distributed storage project Storj, and externally consulted Blockchain (blockchain.info) on market strategy related topics. His education background involves Economics and Computer Networks. Vlado speaks 5 languages and likes to spend time cycling in the mountains and usually he starts his day in the swimming pool.

    Talk will last ~30 minutes + QA session.

    George will speak about the University of Nicosia's Master's program in Digital Currency (the first of that kind in the World), how did they come to that idea and what have been the main challenges and key takeaways after 3 years of running that program. Ioannis will speak about his involvement in Lykke startup. Lykke is developing a blockchain based trading platform for all types of digital assets.

    Speaker: George is a former officer of the Hellenic Air Force (BSc engineering), with 18 years of experience in military jet aircraft. Worked an additional 8 years in Intellectual Property and Technology management consulting, drafting, examining and researching patents for global companies, several of which he's the inventor of. He acquired an MBA from Greenwhich University and devoted completely to decentralized digital currencies and Blockchain technology since 2013, having been involved in all facets of Bitcoin since 2011 (trading, mining, startups, education). Since 2014, he helped built large parts of and administrates the MOOC, co-lectures two of the MSc courses on Financial Systems and the Developing World, as well as provide Digital Currency expertise throughout the MSc program in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia. He's presented Bitcoin in conferences in the US, Germany, Poland, Greece, Cyprus and often appears in media as a commentator on the industry.

  • Blockemon #5 - Deep Dive into DApps and Ethereum ecosystem

    Subject: Deep Dive into DApps and Ethereum ecosystem

    Short description: Learn more about decentralized applications (DApp). Speaker will walk us through how DApps function in general, but also give us a working example, namely, on how Lemon Email DApp (https://github.com/DevanaLabs/lemon.email-dApp) works.


    Andrej Čvoro

    About: Andrej is a freelance software developer with more than 10 years of coding experience and a great breadth of technical knowledge and skills. Generally passionate about innovative and leading edge technologies, his current primary focus is on decentralized technologies such as blockchain. He has been following Ethereum platform from its very inception and has started doing Solidity development last year.

    Length: ~30min

  • Blockemon #4 - Hyperledger and much more

    Devana Labs

    Had enough of blockchain and Bitcoin buzz? Time to get real!

    Get ready for development session as we talk about Hyperledger - a blockchain project backed by Linux, IBM, Intel and much more. Blockchain is getting shaped and we deliver some hands-on experience about it. Nikola Djokic, one of the organizers of the meetup, will bring up a Hyperledger blockchain live this time, show and explain main frameworks, while other team members will share existing and possible use cases for different variants of the implementation. Join us this Thursday to get in touch with the hottest technology of the year. Let's block!

    This talk will be in Serbian (in English if needed), session will be separated in two parts. First part will cover what is Hyperledger, how it works on architectural level. Second part will cover how to bring chain, deploy chaincode and track what is happening there.

  • Blockemon #3 - Trading - 3, 2, 1 Start!

    Devana Labs

    Ovog puta ćemo pokušati da približimo finansijski aspekt blockchaina, konkretno crypto-valuta, i njihovu praktičnu primenu na svakodnevni život.

    O predavačima: Aleksandar Matanović i Nikola Cvijović se bave kriptovalutama od 2011. Vlasnici su jedinog servisa za kupovinu i prodaju bitkoina u Srbiji ( http://www.ecd.rs ), u okviru kojeg imaju i tri automata za kupovinu bitkoina (dva u Beogradu i jedan u Novom Sadu). Pored toga, osnivači su Bitkoin Asocijacije Srbije i vlasnici franšize CoinTelegraph-a za Srbiju ( http://www.cointelegraph.rs )

    Predavač #1: Aleksandar Matanović
    Tema: Finansijski aspekti kriptovaluta: monetarna politika, berze, formiranje cene

    Predavač #2: Nikola Cvijović
    Tema: Predstavljanje automata za kupovinu bitkoina, primena kriptovaluta u svakodnevnim finansijskim operacijama

  • Blockemon #2 - Distributed Applications 101

    Devana Labs

    Continue where we stopped this time more developer meetup. Let's see about distributed applications and how to develop them. Etherium and Hyperledger.

    Speakers: Uros Radovanovic and Bojan Radulovic
    About speakers: Uroš is a full stack developer, Bojan is a DevOps at Devana Labs. Currently, they are part of the team which is developing new email system on top of Ethereum platform, the project which will blur the line between Ethereum world and the rest of the internet.

    Lecture: "Blockchain svet često ume da izgleda zastrašujuće i kompleksno za nekoga ko tek ulazi u njega. Međutim, sa razumevanjem par osnovnih koncepata i eliminacijom buke, jako je lako ući u materiju i otvoriti se ka potpuno novoj paradigmi interneta."