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Fill in your blanks: I am a ________________________ who never _____________________________s.

For me, the words would be writer/write.

Maybe you're also a writer who doesn't write anymore. Or a painter who hasn't picked up a brush in a decade. Or a quilter with a closet full of dusty, untouched fabric scraps. Perhaps the series of punk zines you made back in the early-00s were the last things you remember bringing you real creative pleasure. That weird collection of wooden seahorses you whittled on that trip you took four years ago brought a little lump to your throat when you found them in a box last week. Maybe you are forever humming songs that you no longer write down.

WHATEVER it is--this thing you used to create--you find yourself exiled from it. There could be one reason, or a hundred, or maybe you don't know what's holding you back. Still, you've never *quite* given up on it. Somewhere in the back of your head, it holds fast as part of your identity. And you want to find your way back to it.

YOU are who I'm looking for.

I thought about joining a writing group (there are loads here, after all), but the trouble with that is, with the exception of a handful of halfhearted journal entries, I haven't put pen to paper creatively in three years. I'm not thinking about getting peer review on the novel I'm working on or talking publishing options, because I am very much not there yet, and the thought of jumping into the middle of a group like that feels a bit intimidating. I'm just trying to find my way back to a place of creation, where I feel not only safe, but compelled to bleed onto the page again.

Because I am seeking mutual support for getting back to creative places, I'm also not starting a writing-specific group (although some journal sessions could be a fun and useful activity). For this group, I'm focused more on supporting each other through the process of trying to overcome whatever blocks are in the way of our creative selves.

I don't have a specific time/place set yet; right now I'm trying to gauge interest. I'd like to start by at least the first part of September, though. If I only get a couple responses then I guess we can meet up for coffee someplace (ideas/suggestions gladly accepted).

If this post speaks to you, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.

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