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Vampires. You’ve watched movies, read novels, and sometimes you’ve dreamt about them. But have you ever considered being in one of those stories? Those tales of gothic horror that chill your spine?

Blood on the Rappahanock is the Fredericksburg, VA Domain of Mind’s Eye Society (MES), playing in the Global Chronicle. We hold live action role playing (LARP) games using the By Night Studio Rules for Vampire the Masquerade. These games interface with other games across the country, and the world. Membership in MES is required, and can be signed up for at https://www.mindseyesociety.org/new-players/trial-membership/.

Our setting is Gothic Punk, the real world seen through a dark lens. Amidst the grim shadows, the vampires conduct brutal schemes against each other while holding on to their fleeting humanity. Hiding behind a veil of secrecy, they manipulate the world.

We invite you to join us as we portray a vampire during these endless nights. No previous experience is required, we would be happy to introduce you to the game, and setting. Creativity and imagination strongly encouraged, enjoyment is mandatory.

Players of all skills and experience are cordially invited to attend our games and socials.

Our games deal with mature subjects as we explore the tragedy of the human condition through our characters and role play. As such, all members are required to be at least 18 years of age.

Upcoming events (5+)

LARP at the College!

Old Cabell Hall

More details to come... We are currently getting setup to do another recruitment event at UVA in Charlottesville. As more details come in, I'll post them here! So stay tuned!

[IA] Court Calls

Central Rappahannock Regional Library - Salem Church Branch

Come on out for our Independent Alliance game! We will be playing at the Salem Church Library in Falmouth, VA (the address is on this meetup). Travelers with characters from non-IA sects are certainly welcome, but this event focuses on the Independent Alliance. Costuming is optional, and new players are certainly welcome! The use of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library’s meeting facility does not constitute the library’s endorsement and sponsorship of the program or the organizer’s policies and beliefs.

[Social] Afters for Food

Needs a location

After game, we'll be holding a Social event. All who want, will go sit down and share a meal together. Past events have included restaurants like IHOP, Pancho Villas, and more! How do you find out where this will be? Well, be at Game prior to the Afters Social, and not only get a say in where we go, but find out how to get there, too... Costuming must be Masquerade friendly, as we really don't want to freak the Mundanes... As this is a Social Event, guests are welcome... Guests include such rare and mundane things as Family and Friends.

Character Creation Social

Your Hobby Place

We are getting together for fun, pizza, and friends. Not necessarily in that order, either! Join us at Your Hobby Place for a Character Creation Social! Your friendly Storyteller will be on hand with rules and character sheets to help build characters. We will also review existing characters and give advice for polishing them up. Experience expenditures can be discussed, and blanks looked at. In addition to the usual new character creation and old character polishing, we will be having a discussion on how to use the Influence Elite & Influence Underworld backgrounds both in game, and via your Downtimes after game. So come on down for a day of fun. Soft Role Play will be permitted.

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Character Creation Social

Your Hobby Place

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