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BSDance isn't for the Faint of Heart...

LGBTQ style folk Dancing involves social interaction between several dancers and is a great social activity where life-long friendships are formed. BSQDance.com is an LGBTQ* high energy folk Dance & Social club founded in 1997 by 5 friends who loved dancing together.

WE HAVE TWO RULES: 1) Have Fun and 2) do your best to listen to the teacher.

BSQDance.com encouraged the use of all kinds of music...Pop, Rock, Country, Disco, Jazz & even a love ballad here or there.

ALMOST ANYONE CAN LEARN: Even those of US with "two left feet." If you can walk at a brisk pace, you can folk dance. It's that simple, and it's a fun way to exercise your Brain & Body at the same time! We teach and dance All Positions (boy, girls, beaus, bells, and anyone can dance any part they want to. American Folk Dance is a Lively, Fast-Paced and Energetic Style of California's Official Folk Dance. It is easy to learn as long as you can listen to the teacher.

Our Music: We encourage Various Genres Including Pop, Country, Rock, Jazz & even Broadway Musicals. If it has a 4/4 beat we can square dance to it. If you have favorite songs, the teachers can probably get them in the square dancing format ~ bringing new and old music alike to the ears and feet of people all over the Foothills Communities and Beyond!

WHO WE ARE: BSQDance.com is the only LGBTQ square dance club in the San Gabriel Valley in CA ~ serving the SGV LGBTQ* community. We are a group of fun people from all walks of life who love having fun dancing. We believe that Square dancing is a fun form of dance. Membership, Dances and Classes are open to everyone: youth and adults 10 & up; singles; couples; polly or whatever regardless of color, race, religion, age, gender expression or identity, sex or sexual orientation. Bloomin' Squares is a member of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. DRESS CODE: Neat and Clean clothing and comfortable dancing shoes encouraged.

We are looking forward to meeting you :)

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Women's Night ~ FFFF

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