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Love to find ways to get things done faster and more efficiently through the use of technology? Such as automating marketing tasks, repetitive administrative tasks, sales tasks, and other business related jobs?

The San Diego Marketing Automation Technology group is for business minded people, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing enthusiasts, technology geeks, and all those who love the idea of automating things they have to do over and over again.

The goal of marketing and technology automation, is to let a machine/computer to do certain tasks automatically (on auto pilot), so that us humans can better use our 24 hours of each day to focus on more important things to do, which do require our human presence. This group is led by Jaime Nacach, founder and marketing strategist of Bloominari, a San Diego digital marketing agency. Jaime is a passionate entrepreneur who loves tools such as Zapier.com, If this then that (IFTTT.com), and other tools that help him to automate his company's marketing, sales, and other departments various tasks.

If you're interested about the subject, want to contribute to this group, have something to share, or simply want to learn more, come check us out. The group is brand new (Nov 2016), so we're not sure yet who'll join us, but hope it will be many of you.

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