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Listen To Understand Your Clients

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Eleanor Berman is the Assistant Director of Client Relations and Account Management for the Indiana University Communications office located in Bloomington, Indiana.

In her role, she works with all 7 IU campuses and acts as a “sort of” mini advertising agency to help campus departments in creating websites, videos, print materials, and photography for their various needs.

Previous to this position, she was a senior project manager at Indiana University and handled several large website projects.

In her talk she will speak on identifying client needs, setting project goals, and providing an estimate to clients. She will share experience on talking with clients, developing a needs assessment, identifying project scope, and analyzing results.

In her experience as a project manager and as the Assistant Director of Client Relations and Account Management, the most important thing that she believes that she has learned is listening and understanding the client. With a solid understanding of what the client needs, she becomes the translator and go between on projects large and small. It’s her job to figure out what people want and understand the best way to deliver it on time, on budget, and true to the estimate and scope of the project.

We will learn how to deal with when a client wants something that's a terrible idea and wants to stear in a certain direction, how to “couch” that idea and get the project headed in the right direction without hurting the client’s feelings.

We will learn about the intake process and how to avoid wasting time, energy, and money going down the wrong path. Getting it started is more than half the battle.