Thru hike of the Foothills Trail

Needs a location


This will be my 30th thru hike of the FHT. The days are shorter now and so will be our miles each day. Day 1: (9 m) We will be starting at Table Rock. You can meet me at my house in downtown Pickens and leave your car there instead of Table Rock if you wish. Dan will slack pack us the first day and meet us at Sassafras. We cannot camp at Sassafras anymore but there are flat spots near Sassafras where we can pitch tents. Dan will have water for us bc there is no water at Sassafras. Day 2: (12 m) Hiking from Sassafras to Laurel Fork falls CG. Day 3: Cobb Creek: (10 mi). Day 4: (11 m) Thompson Creek Day 5: (10 mi) Sloan Bridge. Dan will bring a resupply to us at White Water Falls trail access (Probably about noon). If you would like to bail here, and your car is at our house, he can give you a ride back to our house (and your car). Day 6: (13 m) Simms Field. Day 7: (11 m) Oconee SP. Dan will meet us at OSP and take us back to our house (and your car). If you wish to get out somewhere other than WWF or OSP, I will carry the numbers of shuttle drivers, or you can arrange your own ride. If you need a packing list I will send you one. Because of the distance, possible cold weather, and short days, this may not be a hike for newbies. Anyone who would like to spend Thursday night at our house is welcome. Please keep your sleeping bag handy if you do. Please RSVP by Nov 12.