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Wouldn't it be cool to know that whenever you travel - on business, pleasure, or whatever...that you could travel with, meet up, or even host...people who are "into" the same things as you!? Say you're doing your "normal" business travel - you'll be in (lets say) Detroit for a few days. But instead of simply going to your normal Travel or Hotel website...you had a method of finding accommodations that showed you where other people who enjoy (fill in the blank - Golf, knitting, folk music, discussing Art, etc, etc) WERE ALREADY STAYING! Almost any hobby/avocation/mind-set that Meetup has a group for...you can hook-up with. And it's ENTIRELY up to YOU...as to how much or little planning/effort you want to put in AND even how much information you care to reveal.

Last minute trip...or you simply don't feel like any "official" planning or communicating?! No problem, your reservation merely shows up in the hotel and local Meetup roster as a "Golfer" or Knitter", etc. Or, if you prefer, simply offer your e-mail address, and rest assured others will contact you (again - your choice!) in days prior to your arrival, or not until you arrive at the hotel and decide if you have the time or inclination to meet up with others. NO time-consuming, frustrating planning....and NO commitment if for whatever reason you just "don't feel like it"!

Every monthly Meetup will be a learning experience...as we share with you our huge inventory of “insiders" travel tips, garnered from your Organizers years in the Hospitality business. Count on lots of interesting Hospitality-related guest speakers - Chefs, Concierges (the people who ALWAYS know the best places for - you name it - and the people/establishments who deliver it), and professional Event Planners. And we'll be meeting in some of the top hotels and meeting venues that Cincinnati has to offer...often with our hotel hosts offering up some of their complimentary food and beverage.

Say Bon Appétit AND Bon Voyage...all in the same breath!!

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Trip to Cozumel
Needs a date and time

Villa Miranda

Wanted to get a trip together in June or July to go Scuba diving in Cozumel. We have a connection with who has their own boat so we can schedule our own dives. Would be a week long trip staying at a villa called Villa Miranda. See link to view the property. http://villamirandacozumel.com/ It has five bedrooms and can accommodate ten people comfortably. Let us know if you are interested in going. Pricing depends upon how many people plan to go. You would have to book your own flight.

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Clermont County Demolition Derby

Clermont County Fair

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