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BAMT is a SMALL group solely dedicated to adventurous living and thinking....You must be fit, active, have high intellectual curiosity, and lean strongly towards the strange, unusual, and downright fascinating aspects of exploration and discovery. True Adventurers are welcome....

NOTE: This is NOT an ACTIVE group driven by myself any longer. I grew tired of the annoying 'so called active" silent non participants.....

NOW- ALL activities are MEMBER driven. If people are not active, then activities will not be posted.

IF you have an idea- then POST it! I will not drive ALL the activities.

MEMBERS must be active! Come up with some fun adventures, or don't- this is YOUR group.

REMEMBER AGAIN- I do not drive event planning- YOU do!

BAMT loves the OUTDOORS! This includes hiking, camping, exploring, fishing, watersports, and anything else that is fun to do outdoors.

BAMT will also have lectures on interesting subjects- both well known to mainstream science, as well as the more mysterious and arcane variety. I will do classes on wilderness survival and navigation, weather and climate, and will also do first aid for beginners, all given to help you be

BAMT will also do trips to events, movies and programs that are intelligent, controversial, or just damn interesting. We will also take trips that will be one day and two day adventures and will camp or do some rustic bed and breakfast/rustic inn for the night. We will have local road trips for travelers that want to road trip. This might be trips to historic or prehistoric sites, places that have mystery surrounding them, or places that are charming, mysterious, and beautiful.

I have always seen this site as a place where adventurers can meet and do stuff and if you have a road trip that is worthy of true adventure and mystery, then send it my way and I will post it.

Anyone can be a group leader- Just show me you can lead and push a group forward....



This group is not for people with far out political and social agendas, or people that just add groups to add groups. No one wants drama, so I will not add it here. I will not add you if I feel you are truly not a good fit.


First, you must be in shape, have an active outdoor attitude, and have an eager, intelligent mind that craves adventure, culture and history, and being outdoors! If you are not physically active, don't love being outdoors, and don't own gear or a backpack, and don't know the difference between being a tourist and a traveler ( Yes, there is a difference), then is not the place for you. Why join a group that is not a good fit?

Second, you must be in the Central Kentucky area, and have transportation to the events or the meet up points. DO NOT add this group unless you truly want to be an active member.

You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BAMTKY/


I focus on trips that are rare, out of the way, and interesting to the traveler- not the typical tourist. I also like to do things that take a few outings and thus, schedule them several times to get the most out of the place.

Many trips and events are specific- which means they have a definite date and time.

Other trips and events have ongoing dates and repeating schedules. This means that the people that sign up or want to go can pick a time that is more conducive at the time- not when it was put on the calendar.

The cultural and artistic events are some suggestions for everyone. I encourage you to attend them on YOUR own if we don't enough people to go as a group. I will usually go and you can look for me.


I detest people that sign up for events and cancel at the last minute. It really shows poor time management and is very inconsiderate to the event planners who count on numbers to do bookings, logistics, etc. If you are signed up for an event for a considerable time period and cancel an event last minute, I will consider removing you from the group. Please keep me informed when it matters. Thanks.


You will have to pay the MEMBERSHIP FEE of $5 before you are able to sign up to the group, but you may always email me if you have special needs or want to attend an event. You can always pay me in cash and I can record you as paid.

I would like to see you frequently on the site, and participation is critical to our success. Its imperative that you pay the membership each year in order to participate and be a part of the group. Its a very small fee, but it gives you immediate 'ownership' of your membership!

Please log in and at least visit, RSVP, or make suggestions for activities! I encourage leadership from everyone and want savvy, active members!

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Hiking the Berea Pinnacle Mountains....

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Hiking the Berea Pinnacle Mountains....

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