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Knavecon X

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Gavin B.


Did you enjoy BGICON? Well you'll be pleased to know there's another boardgame focused game convention happening next month in Limerick.

Knavecon has now reached it's 10th iteration and a bunch of us have always headed down to it as it always a lot of fun.

So if you're heading to Limerick for the con then confirm your attendance here and we can organise things like carpooling and hotel room sharing. I do recommend staying in the Castletroy Park hotel itself (not out of any great love of the hotel itself, one time I stayed there they had spiders in my bed and curry stains on the floor) as the con runs until the early hours of the morning and if you're a resident you can just keep on helping yourself at the bar. Perfect for those late night games of City of Horror where you're trying to convionce everyone to feed other people to the zombies.
Castletroy Park Hotel
Dublin Road · Limerick
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