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Dedicated Session: Senji

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Dedicated session to the game "Senji" (about[masked] min gameplay) which is a game of bluff & negotiation to conquest the medieval Japan. Review of Senji on Boardgamegeek here (


• When you RSVP, make 100% sure you're planning on joining us (no last minute cancellation please) because total players are counted for the game preparation - Thank you.

• Registration will be locked down 24 hours before the event. If you want to join past the lock-down, send me a message so I can add you manually.

• Limited to 18 slots - 3x tables of 6 players. We launch 3 tables at same time, please be on time.

• Dinner option at 12 € - details of the menu to be confirmed by end of the week (most likely something with Sushi's).

- Participation "Free of charge".

- For those who took the dinner option: we kick off at the same hour.

- You will have the possibility to eat or drink on the spot. Find out more about La Table Food & Games on their website ( !

- Ozana & PG will be explaining rules in English.

- Games are owned by Boardgame Monkeys, we make them available freely to play with. As we are extremely cautious with our games (sleeves, zip-bags, etc.) we expect the same from you. In case of accident (break/destroy game parts), we will ask you to reimburse the game so we can buy a new one. (You will take home the used/broken game)