Games Sunday 47! (Play and Protest Special!)

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Games Sunday is happily organised by Game On!

Game On! members pay $2. Non-members pay $6.

Game On! membership is free! You can do a yearly online membership registration if you are not our Game On! member yet. (Including your guests. If you are bringing your friend, you need to inform your friend about this registration. Or pay triple the normal admission fees.) (If you registered around 1 year ago, your membership may have expired, please re-register again.)

1. Go to

2. Left panel, choose "I want to..." "Register" "For Interest Group"

3. Search for "Game On", then choose it.

4. Fill in NRIC/ Fin, Date of Birth etc.

5. Check the "I declare..." box, and submit

6. Hopefully you will see "You have registered successfully" or "unable to register because you are already registered"

7. If you see "error", "data mismatched" etc, you will need to come a bit earlier to register over the counter in the C.C. office on the ground floor. The C.C. staff will help to solve the problem.

8. If you do not wish to register as a member, but still want to attend Games Sunday... Sure, you just have topay more.



Time: 3pm - 7pm

Dresscode: Lok Kok (Very Casual)

Fees: $2 for Game On! members. $6 for non-members.

Free for kids below 16 yrs old, seniors above 60 yrs old. This $2 goes to our Toa Payoh Central Youth Club fund, which we use to purchase/ maintain our games and support our social service project Games Tour

Objective: Play Games! Make Friends! Players achieve these two to win!

Strategy: Squeeze and walk around smile at everyone you see ask for their name shake their hands and laugh loudly. Be friendly, helpful, cheerful, be a fun person to play with!

What doesn't work: Sit at corner and wait. Sulk. We will definitely ignore you.

Think of Games Sunday like a playground of kids, you got to be pro-actively seeking new and old friends to play with you.

Plan:We will go in at 3pm (after Tekwondo class) and Register & Pay FIRST. THEN you canset up many tables, start looking for players to play asap. Be very friendly and polite to the Tekwondo instructors, kids and their parents + the C.C. counter staff + the C.C. janitors whom you might meet on that day. Please try to end your games and start packing at 7pm, our committee wants to go eat dinner on time!

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Organiser: Game On!

Game On! volunteers organise & facilitate Games Sundays, San Guo Shaday as well as Games Tours to charity and children homes! If you are kind, funny, fun loving and want to volunteer your time, we need you in our Team (See photo)! Join us!

Game On is one of the five sub-clubs of Toa Payoh Central CC Youth Club.

The five sub-clubs are

- Toa Payoh Adventure Club,

- The Starlight Club

- Toa Payoh Guitar Club,

- Game On

- Toa Payoh Photography Club

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