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Games Sunday 12! BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!

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Games Sunday is 1 year old! Thank you for your support, we are giving you a treat!

3:30pm - 7:00pm - Play Games @ room #[masked]:00pm - 9pm - Clear room for Japanese class, proceed to #04-02 to blow candles, eat cakes and free buffet dinner, blow balloons, play more games!
Plus presentation of "Long Gaming Award" for our Games Sunday "SUPER GAMERS" (They are Geoffrey, Tham, Lawrence and Kok Hian. Thank you for your 95%-100% attendance. No more hor, I hereby close nomination.)

Note: If you are not staying for dinner, you MUST tell me in advance (leave a comment). Will order less food, let's try not to waste.

Venue: Toa Payoh CENTRAL Community Centre (TPCCC) (opp the library), Fifth floor #05-05

Fees: $2 as usual (Food is our treat for you.)

Bring a Game or Play our Games: Special Thanks to Boardgame Lifestyle for being our games sponsor. Check out their new arrivals & restocks! (click logo):

Goodie Bag for first 50 gamers (who register on actual day): Special Thanks to BGL, The Mind Cafe, GAMES GARAGE ( for sponsoring vouchers for our goodie bags and for our Super Gamers. Check out their promotion!

Miniature Wargaming Zone Hmm... Not confirmed. Ed, where are you?

Note: Remember to bring your NRIC (or passport) for electronic registration (eRAS) in room #05-05. Scanning of your NRIC will be done by me and other volunteers. If you are bringing guests (rsvp for them!), please check with them if they are okay with the CC's registration requirement. There are no waiters or waitresses for Games Sunday. Please help in ways you can. Eg: Set up the gaming tables. Teach games to new gamers. And before you leave, stack & carry tables/ chairs pack games wash cups. If you are willing to help, Games Sunday welcomes you, come.

Organiser: Game On! The new sub-club of The 17th Term Youth Executive Committee of Toa Payoh Central Community Club, click below for all our other activities!

Other Activities:
Park Talk @ Hort Park, 2 Oct,
For sincere and single gamers only: if you are between 21-35 yrs old (got age limit because this is a youth club subsidised event. There is no age cap for love!), you are not married, not in a relationship and you are not ______ , then come and Play "Games", Make "Friends"! click poster for more info:

Sign up as a Games Tour volunteer if you wish to help, email gamestour2010 @ Click the photo for our report on Games Tour 1!

How to get there:
Toa Payoh Central C.C. is a 5min walk from Toa Payoh MRT (which is only 11min ride from City Hall), right opp the library, and has coffee shops/ food court/ hawker center/ fast food center all around. Very convenient.

Front bus stop: 56, 105, 153
Side bus stop: 88, 157, 163, 231, 535
Toa Payoh bus interchange: 8, 26, 28, 31, 73, 88, 90, 139, 142, 143, 145, 155, 157, 159, 163, 231W/G, 232, 235, 238

Our Games Library
(Anyone has any recommendation on Cupboards with Wheels? Big, stable, light, can go into the elevator, easy to push around, below $200. For our games, we have too many games!)

59. Small World
60. Alhambra,
61. Ticket to Ride Marklin
62. No Thanks
63. For Sale
64. Pictionary Singapore
65. Rummy Kubes

Special Thanks to for sponsoring the following 30 games:
1 Dividends
2 Medici us Strozzi
3 Wyatt Earp
4 Munchkin
5 Hit or Miss
6 Race for the Galaxy
7 Bohnanza
8 Incan Gold
9 Giza
10 Citadels
11 Fairytale
12 Archaelogy
13 Corsari
14 Tichu
15 Werewolves
16 Coloretto
17 Rat Hot
18 Sleuth
19 Rattlesnakes
20 Highland Clans
21 Monster Manance America
22 Pants on Fire
23 Dice Town
24 Wheeler Dealer
25 Pack and Stack
26 Bang
28 Rice War
29 Catan Geographic
30 Ubongo

Special Thanks to for sponsoring
31. Space Hulk

Other games:
32. Aquaretto
33. Guillotine
34. Halli Galli
35. Hey, that's my fish
36. Uno Attack
37. Dvonne
38. Cranium
39. Jurassic Rumble
40. Settlers of Catan + Expansion
41. Snorta
42. Cloud 9
43. Jenga
44. Ugly dolls
45. Bootleggers
46. Admiral
47. King's Blood
48. Blokus
49. First Hand
50. Pictureka

Games Tour Games (available for a limited time only before we donate them to charity homes)

51. Granny Apples
52. Odin’s Ravens
53. Saboteur
54. Slamwich
55. Space Junkyard (Print & Play games)
56. Ubongo Duel (Thank you Nitaka and Ubongo King for your donation)
57. You Robot
58. Carcassone (Thank you Roy for your donation)